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Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary



The best time to visit is now!
I think Budapest is the most beautiful in autumn.
You don't even have to spend money and gain lifetime exprerience by walking around in this marvelous city.

Hit me back as soon as you can and I provide details.



Well anytime is a good time. May be in the winter its a bit cold and a little gloomy. The rest of the year the city is really good. of course it depends on your interest.

So if you have something special in mind just say so and I can say when.

All the best

I guess, the best time to visit Hungary, that is the summer. There is a lot of festival in Budapest and around the country from May-September, not just from the youth but all the people from all age can find interesting programs. I prefer the summer because of the Balaton of course, and don't forget the Tisza river, with the last untouched riverside in Europe. You can have great kenu trips on that, with good parties in the rural area. I can help to organize :)
the autumn and spring also very nice here, but you asked for the best :)
I you onterested in pubs :) the right time is always
Hello, i think anytime is good time here, u can find lot of beautiful things always:) what are i intrested in and we can tell more offers:)
I would definetely suggest the summertime if you like sunshine and openair activities, there is always a lot to see from cultural point of view, but if you like food/drink festivals and lively life the summer is far much better
If you like wine then Septemper is the month for wine festivals throughout the whole country, highly reccomended.

I think the best is late spring when the weather is already warm, but not to hot. Everything is blooming!

In my opinion the best time to visit Budapest is during autumn or springtime. One reason for that is the weather which is perfect for sightseeing tours in the city. The other one is that we have a wide range of festivals and programs, equally cultural, musical etc...
anytime is agood time. in the autumn, cultural life is just as good as in the summer or other seasons. it won't be the going-to-the open-pool-for-a-sunbath time, but there are plenty to do in such a great city. ladies and parties are great!
Everytime,you can come here everytime!
Really just about anytime. But summers are getting awfully hot these years, so it is better near the lake Balaton or Velencei or the Tisza river, as somebody has already pointed out. Cultural festivals in Budapest in March and in October, but the city is full of concerts, opera and ballet all the time - not to mention the places where young people can listen to the kind of music which is equally good for drinking, dancing or flirting. But sightseeing is good on any weekend, when traffic is a bit less annoying and the air breathable even on the main roads.

These are all generalities, I don't think you are any nearer to your goal of planning a visit...
Budapest is always beautiful! Visit us now, You can see the autumn trees and the busy "usual" Budapest - everybody works and goes to school. But Budapest is very nice in winter "snowcoat" too. Choose a weekend or a longer term and visit us!
hi,it depends of course...
if you want to escape from hot tropical weather visit budapest from november till may. if you prefer the sunny hot weather come for the rest of the year ;)
autumn.cuz its not too warm , not too cold.cheaper than in summer-time.and good for sightseeing!
I also recommend autumn (until middle Oct) or May. These months are still sunny and warm, but not too hot, not too rainy and not as crowded as summertime.
I think September- firts part of october the best time, when the weather is still warm, but not so hut, and it's staid sunny. It's really nice, beauty- and colourful. But if you prefear spring time, I can recommand you the second part of April, and May, when the grass gats green and the threes are blooming.
I like these day and weeks in BUdapest.
The weather is warm but not hot.
Best time for sightseeing,
walking, excursions on Buda hills, Castle hill, Margit Island, Szentendre city next to BUdapest (the folklore village in Danube bend)
And Godollo city east of Bp where you can visit Sissy's Royal summertime castle.




spring and early summer, you won't regret...
Every time is a good time here, it's beautiful in autumn.
I think any time is perfect if we look at programs and festivals. If you cannot stand hot summers, I wouldn't recommend you to visit the city in the summer as it can get pretty hot. The best would be spring or fall. Temperatures at this time are pleasant and there are a lot of festivals going on.
Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Budapest is a nice city and always very interessant to visit everytime. Tell me more when do you want to come and I'll help

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