What is the cheapest way to get from Johannesburg to Durban?


City: Johannesburg

Province: Gauteng

Country: South Africa


I think when u travel from Jhb to Durban (cheapest) depends on which day and month u would like to travel. From Lanseria - Kulula flights - u can look at flying by air. Also S.A.A. - from O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) - then to travel by bus u can use the following : Baz Bus


City to City



SA Roadlink

Look in the telephone directory for the telephone numbers - u can also go on line and type in s.a.a., mango etc. So sorry i cannot help u with prices because of the dates etc.
various cheap floghts available or else you can hike
Kalula Airways has great specials and the website is very users friendly. Go online and you will find the flights for the days you want to travel, select and do the booking. It is the cheapest way of to travel between these 2 cities.
Hi Christo,
Try or Mango for flights. Alternatively there's different bus companies that do long distance: Translux, Intercape, Greyhound. Or the Bazbus if you would like to stop en-route and do a bit of sightseeing in between. They offer a 'hop on hop off' service which is particularly popular with backpackers as they stop at the different hostels. Great way to meet new people too!
Hope this helps:)!
The cheapest way to get to Durban is by traveling by bus.
The bus services that are available is: Baz Bus, Citiliner, City to City, Greyhound,
Intercape, SA Roadlink and Translux. They all have websites to allow for on-line booking.
I agree with the bus. I have family that regularly use Translux on the route you mention here. One word of warning: some days are good, with the bus running on the scheduled time. However, you may travel on the day you booked your ticket for, but may be anything up to 3 hours behind schedule. P
depending on you're time frame,the quickest is to fly but prices vary from day to day depending on time of month and type of flight.flight time is approx 45min..the bus is another option but the time frame is upwards of 8 hours per trip
I think the cheapest way will defiantly by train, the normal trains running between cities
Flights are cheap but then you are stuck at the airport and need transport again. This would be the same for the bus services. I would recommend the BazBus. They drop off at most of the backpackers lodges and also many other places along the way.
Dear Christo
I have to agree with Garth as transfers to and from the airport are often costly. Though the bus will take longer it will be the cheapest, though not necessiraly the most comfortable.
I would recommend flying kulula. And watch out for one of their sales - you can get a really good deal. I recently flew return Cape Town/Johannesburg for R700,00. (I suppose you could try Mango, but for sheer enjoyment and loyalty, I prefer kulula - just check out the queues at the airport. You can immediately pick out the kulula one - that's the one with the relaxed, laid-back people in it. :-)

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