where can I buy kids' clothes not expensive in Prague?where do usually locals go shopping?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


There's a Tesco on Narodni Trida with a kid's department, and both a Marks and Spencer and C & A on Wenceslas Square
thank you
I recommend the huge market SAPA in Libus. Take metroline A to Kacerov, there you jump on bus # 113 and get off at Sídliště Písnice, just outside. You'll be surpricea about the prices and huge amounts of stuff to look at
those who do their cloth shopping in London. Clothing in Prage is stupidly expensive :)
Clothing is in Prague quite expensive and nothing special! I would rather recommend you to buy tipical local wooden toys, or plush toys Hamiro, . I strongly recommend you to learn more about the local kids icon: krtecek, . Many Czech people buy kids wear in the second hand shops! I usually buy at My, , or you can try somethink more Czech rajdeti u kohouta, .
There are few ways to buy not expensive kids clothes for Praguers: 1/ Vietnamese market Sapa in Libus area Praha 4 or sales shops
2/ any Prague's hypermarkets
3/ second hands of kids clothes
4/ London or Dresden sales markets

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