We are looking for a good seafood restaurant that serves crab legs. Any suggestions?


City: Cozumel

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


"El Picudo" restaurant is located at the south end of the Avenida Zetina Gazca in "La Colonia" of Puerto Morelos, on the west side of the highway MX307.
Very good seafood and fish dishes - (very) large portion - Inexpensive - Away from the tourist area -
i dont know abou crab legs because they are just on season, but there are quite a few places, like really good seafood and inexpensive restaurante its Pescaderia San Carlos, every taxi driver know where that is, or I would go to la Conchita del Caribe on the 65, thats usually where I go to. My favorite for sure its Pescaderia San Carlos and the owner its great funny guy
Makati Shangri-La Hotel Manila is the best seafood restaurant in the philippines that serve crab legs and other different and international foods.
I'm sorry but I don't know of any in Cozumel. Most restaurants in the area do not serve fresh crab legs unless they are 5 star. The crab that is found in Campeche for example, would be stone crab, and that would be the most common. You might want to look around the local market, if they sell seafood . In Cancun, for example, that is where I found a great seafood place and inexpensive. Sorry I could not help you out with this!
In Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh, there are so many restaurant, where available seafood & also crab legs, like the restaurant of Hotel Seagull, Hotel Sea Crown, & in Dhaka city Prince restaurant.
Crab legs are usually at high end restaurants because they are not local, so you won;t find them in local mexican restaurants.

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