Which area in Rome can i find an affordable flat share to rent, and which area in Rome can i find summer work related to tourism such... restaurant, bar, cafes etc.?


City: Rome

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


The areas that you might focus on are San Lorenzo and San Giovanni. There might be listings of flats to share in or if you speak Italian, check out the Porta Portese (either online at or the hard copy, which will be better).
If you need an inexpensive place to stay for a few nights, we have a vacation rental agency with B&Bs and guesthouses at and a hotel called The Beehive with dorm beds at

As for work, if you're not an EU citizen, it will be very difficult. Bars and cafes tend to favor young, women for the "bella presenza". You can also check at hostels around Termini. But again, without the legal right, it will not be easy. If you're not EU citizen, you might try teaching English, which will be less strict from a legal point of view, but there are many companies that will have you do a "trial" that will never lead to real work. The trial is also free for the students and it's basically a scam where they give free trials that cost them nothing and then when the students sign up they are taught by teachers other than you who will be paid.

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