Where is the best non-touristy bar in the Trastevere?


City: Rome

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


Bar?? Maybe there are no non touristic bar in Trastevere. But if you look for a really, quiet bar you can go in Ippolito Nievo Square zone, but the place is less beautiful than in the heart of Trastevere. Try also in Piazza in Piscinula there are less tourists (not at night...)
There are many. My favourite is just next to the main square, which is S.Maria in Trastevere. It is called San Calisto and is overlooking the little piazza with the same name. Not charming, not renovated since probably 40 years, but extremely authentic and cheap. Coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, gelato...everyhting is delicious. And you can sit at a table outdoor at no extra cost!

trastevere?? all it's tourist in rome...:)
Being a renowned tourist destination, is difficult to find a non-touristy bar in Trastevere, anyway I can suggest you the coktail bar "Good Caffè" in via s. Dorotea, 8, a charming ivy-hung location.

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This answer will depend on what you mean by bar. To an Italian, a bar is place to grab a cup of coffee in the morning, and perhaps a beer later in the day. Bar San Callisto just off Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere is still a spot very popular among locals. Be prepared to stand.

If you mean bar as in an evening place to hang out and grab some beers or cocktails, meet some people here are a few spots:
1. Freni & Frizioni via Politeama 4-- great aperitivo scene, hipsters
2. Bir & Fud (via Benedetta 23), after dinner drinks-- very casual
3. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa’, (via Benedetta 25) also known as the Football Pub, great selection of artisanal beers from around Europe.

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