want go to singapore on jan 10. Should i book hotel now or later around nov? Want near orchard road. Have any idea?


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dear traveller, it is better that you book hotels near towards the time of yr travel. Like now F1 racing is happening in September, hotel prices might hike now.
BTW, Are you coming alone or with family?

This is the website [] to the hotel which i kinda of like it when i always passby... Although i never stay there before... ^^ Anyway you can always check back as and when you like for the rating of room.

*It's always best to fix a location and check the rate as and when to see if there's any promotion going on.*

-Cheers, and have a nice stay in Singapore.
f1 season will spike hotel prices and prices of hotels esp arnd orchard road area will also increase closer towards dec time due to the festive season so its best to book your hotel stay in early nov.
You did not specify if you are coming here on a budget and/or with family.

Some hotels do offer cheaper rate if you book earlier & some don't as some hotel room rates will go up as the days you prefer are nearer.

Although the F1 is around the corner, it will not affect your booking if you are to book your hotel rooms now. Given the date you checking in is far away before the Chinese New Year (14 Feb), I doubt the hotel rates will be high but again it depends on which hotel star rating you prefer.
jan 10, no special events during that period as i recalled, i think if you wat to book is ok~~

There is no hurry in booking a hotel of your choice now. There are alot of hotels available along Orchard Road. However, price of hotels is higher now and towards Dec because of F1 and Christmas. May I suggest that you do call up some of the hotels along Orchard road and do your comparison. Jan is not peak-season and most ppl don't book hotel to usher the New Year, so you are relatively safe.

Check on this link.

Hope it helps. Cheers!
you can book later,in orchard area,the hotel is more expensive...maybe you can try some other area like chinatown or maybe near to suntec
You can book now or around Nov 2009, as I don't see any problem for getting a room in Orchard road.
There is a downtrend and the hotel book rate in Singapore due to the economic downturn.
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Hey you should book hotels after sept as the prices will drop cos of the F1 in sept. what is your budget like?
Just book on the 10Jan. Hotel near Orchard? Maybe Mandrian hotel.
Hi glad to welcome you to Singapore. Jan 10 is not a peak travel month so you can getsome pretty good deals as the Chinese New Year only happens on 14 Feb next year. What I would do is to check out the sites like to get a feel of the prices and e-mail to the hotels to ask if thgey have special packages during the time of your visit. You can let them know if this is your first visit or you are really considering between a few hotels nearby and askif they can provide you with more competitive rates. Hope it helps.One site I always book from is .I am in the process of setting up a blogsite on accomodation options in Singapore and I am currently updating my blog at

My advice is that you can book later. January 10 is already the start of the school term, peak season is over. Should be safe to book a hotel at a competitive price by then.
Book later. Many hotels will have discounts if they can't sell their rooms and time is running out. Since January is not peak season, you should be fine. Try looking at sites like or , etc around Nov or Dec.

If you have a large group and don't mind sharing rooms, places like have large rooms which can cater for 6, making it more economical per head.
Hi there,

Now will be too early. It's best to book around Nov and look out for special deals. There are many hotels in and near Orchard that will suit your budget. If you are looking for hotels that cost about $100 odd dollars per night, you can try YMCA, RELC, Garden Hotel or Orchard Hotel. Others in the vacinity cost $200 on average per night while others such as The Hyatt and Hilton cost more.
very sorry ! about this question i couldn't answer u , but u can try surt at internet or empassy of singapore ! if u coming on this month , it's not the right chioce .coz now hotel it fully book!
Hi. Sorry for the late reply!

January is not a peak period in Singapore so i believe you can easily get your bookings through even if you do it in December. By the way, Formula-1 would've been long over by then - and no, whatever you book for January 2010 will not be affected by whatever is happening in 2009 *rolls eyes*

Depending on your budget (and seasonal offers, internet promotions etc.), hotels in or near Orchard Road ranges between S$110 to as much as S$600 per room per night. the first thing you need to know is that Singapore hotels are priced higher than most other hotels within the region. So be prepared to pay. Then of course, if you're talking about hostels - then they are among the lowest priced here.

Orchard Road is a shopping district and the hotels within the vicinity (even the outskirts of Orchard Road) tend to be a little pricey. Again depending on your budget, you can get a pretty decent room (with basic amenities), not right smack in Orchard but about 5-10 mins ride away.

These are websites i usually use to book for rooms in Singapore at a reasonable price:


Happy hunting! :)

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