Hi.I want to come for the Dubai . Do you have an idea of where I can buy cheap clothing & shoes

Hi, How are you? 1st option i suggest you to come our place in satwa; 2nd option is in karama, 3rd option is in dragon mart at international city; 4rth option is in dubai outlet mall; and 5th option,. february now there's a dfs or big sale in different malls in dubai, so enjoy shopping!!!! ^-^


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


I heard about Karama. There is many fake branded shoes and clothes for cheap prices. There is Chinese market- Dragon Mart.
Yess I agree with you Marites, but as for Esena, reply, yes might be true that goods sold in Karama are fake, but from my experience and I bought stuff myself there , it is no like any other brands, they all good quality for me,,,
The best place is bur Dubai instead of karma or dragon mart. They have good quality for cheap. Get in touch with me to know the contact details of the shops
Hi Marites,,,, Welcome here in Dubai. Well, your question is you are looking for the clothing & shoes which are cheaper price you can visit in Nasir Square Deira but most of them from China it is a wholesale market. In dragon mart you can not buy cheap now even though from china because the rent in dragon mart shop are expensive,,,,,, You can visit in Deira Day to Day shopping Centre.
if u looking for low cost clothing and shoes i think Karama is best for that there is big market for fake branded stuff with with much less all kind of things ucan get from there like shoes Bag's cloths ..
Hi Marites welcome to Dubai! If your looking for cheap clothing and shoes here in Dubai its depends of your preferences, like if you are after the brands or signature one, you can have it in all the malls here which nowadays is the best time to shop coz of Dubai Shopping Festival most of the shops offers 70% off but if your looking for imitations you can find it in karama or in dragon mart.
.All Flipino living in Karama and they always looking cheap things to buy- so i suggest you on Friday or thursday you have to visit Sabkha bus stand Market and Murshid bazar for Clothing.....
hi marites welcome to dubai if u want to buy good beautiful designer cloth on cheap rate than u can buy only from meena bazar this is the best place for it in bur dubai .....after than u can go deira market from meena bazar to deira u just pay only 1aed by boat in creek .so enjoy u r all shopping there........:D sonu
infact it dependson what you want to buy of clothese
1-if you are looking for brands:then now adays all the malls have special discount for dubai festival and specially city center diera
2-if you want non brands then sabkha is th echeaaaapest place in the area
best wishes

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