Planning a vacation with my partner,for mid of March.

Where are the best places to stay, I don't want to pay much for the hotel? Which cities to see? Is it better to go with travel agency tour guide, or do site seeing on our own. i prefer to discover., so is it hard to go around without a car? How much money to take for 1 week per person? Will it rain in March there, or is the weather okay?


Country: Turkey


Dear jessia


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Thanks you sir, I will check it.
please contact me.
Hi Jessie A,
I would suggest you to visit Istanbul or Antalya, Everyone knows istanbul, so not much to say more. They are popular places for holiday. And there are a lot of historical places around. Especially in the area close to Antalya it becomes warmer in March and mostly we do not expect to have rain in the middle of the March. You may visit 'ölü deniz', fethiye and some historic places around Antalya.
If you like to discover the region, you should visit the area from Bodrum to Antalya, It is also the warmer touristic place. If you would like to stay in a place and discover the surrounding area with daily tours, then check the discounted tours. Sometimes it can be very cheap, and you will be staying in a better hotel. But if you like to discover a wider area by yourself then you should buy a ticket to İstanbul or Antalya ( Wizzair, easy jet and similar companiest have cheap flights to İstanbul or Antalya. Local transportation around cities is mostly by public transportation busses, privately owned minibus or taxi. It is not expensive. Transportation from Istanbul to Antalya by bus will cost you about 30 Euro each way. If you buy flight ticket from now, flight ticket will cost the same ( , are some web pages you may buy the flight ticket for national flights ). Also I would suggest you to see the 'Kapadokya', it is located nearly at the center of Türkiye. In touristic places there are some pensions, some apart hotels, and some cheaper hotels.
But I would suggest you August, it will be very warm and since it is Ramadan for müslims, holiday places shall apply special discounts.
Depending on where and what to eat it will be higher, but 100 Euro per day for two should be enough.
I hope this will help.
best wishes.
Thanks alot.
You were helpful.

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