We (2 male staight friends) would like to go to the equator.

If satisfied with your service, we have several other places we would like to visit


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


Can you write more questions about your trip? Because I really wanna help yu with your doubts.

...Hi, the "equator" is the imaginary line that runs at 0º 00' 000'' latitude, it´s about 15 miles north of Quito, and its a popular spot for locals and foreigns that visit the city, a classic pic is one shot to people standing with feet in eather hemisphere North & South. Local crafts, food & costumes are offered to visitors in a theme park that surrounds a four stories monument with a etnological museum in its interior.....a taxi cab fare is about USD 45 round trip with a 90 minutes waiting period...the original spot where 18 century scientists measure the earth is on a near hill and an oirginal monument is also in a nearby town, also the french scientists visit a similar spot on the coast of Manabi, near Pedernales, about 85 miles north of the harbor town of Manta, the place where I live, hope you enjoy your visit, LC
One of the topics in tourism detination in Quito city is visit the Equator this trip could be for middle day or a full day, so contact us for more details at , we answer all your questions and requests.
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To add, you need to bring small bills. Nothing larger than a $20. A couple of hundred dollars in one dollar bills would be great. Remember you are visiting a nation with a large percentage of poverty. You will need to take precautions with things like exposing your camera around your neck. It is best to keep all personal items unseen. In addition, take a color copy of your original passport and keep the original passport in the safe at your hotel. Do not carry your wallet full of credit cards. Keep that in the hotel safe too. Some stores/places except credit cards but for the most part Ecuador is a cash and carry sort of place. You also might want to check out the rain forest area of Mindo. It offers lots of outdoor activities and a very relaxing place to go out 2.5 hours outside of Quito. Good Luck.
To go to the Equator you can either take a tour with a travel agency and have a tour guide giving you all the information you may need or adventure on your own and take a bus!! it is really easy to get there... you just have to take a Metrobus for 0.25 cents in America Avenue (from south to north) and go all the way to the final station at La Ofelia, once there you search for the buses going to Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) and pay 0.15 cents more... the ride from the station to the entrance of the monument takes approximately 45 minutes.....
Another suggestion is that in addition of visiting the Middle of the World Complex where the monument is placed you should visit the IntiÑan Museum, located outside the complex, just a few meters further to the north, it is a really interesting and interactive museum where you get prove you are standing on the equator by performing some experiments.
If you need any further information or help, I will be pleased to assist you....
Hey guys all depends how much money you guys want to spend but with not to much money you could visit great places as The beach great place called Montañita alote of fun alote of youth or otavalo alote of tourist visit this very nice town ,or with more money theres Galapagos but guys is worthed is paradise believe me , my name is Luigi and i hope i could be usefull to you some other time bye and injoy your stay in this wonderful country God bless you guys
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Dear Richard
Please confirm when do you want to go to the equator. I am available now. I am Driver / guide, I have a Toyota Camry, leather seats... My certifications are the highest available in Ecuador, please read On the equatorial there are 3 or 4 visitor sites we can explore, it is not only the line and memorial equatorial city for shopping. I mean I can really make you "experience" what is the meaning of being on the line, connected visitor sites and best available meals in the area. I am also able to drive you all around Ecuador, I have documents to lead tourists all over Ecuador. I can help you design a worth itinerary in Ecuador, maybe discounts in the Hotels I ussually visit.
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Ok... I don't give any service, I'm just a friend who you can trust and use as a guide or help for your visiting
Ecuador is cross by the imagenery line of Equator, it divides our country in to hemisphere. While you're in the North of Ecuador you can visit the lakes region in Ibarra, you can go to the most beautifull volcanoes at the Andes Mountains as the Cotopaxi, the Chimborazo, you can go to the Cochasqui ruins, or go to Cotacachi, industrious village in which you can find the most beautifull leather jackets ever and cheap. Or you can make journeys to the rain forest at the east of the north region, but we also have Montañita, the famous beach for surfing and party all night long. Well, Ecuador is just an amazing little country with various ecosistems, beautifull fauna, and also have the unthamed Galapagos Islands in which you can enjoy the wonderfull and unique animals that have evolve during millons of years. I hope I can create an interest in you to visit my country and to be my guest during the time that you're going to spend in Ecuador. Regards
Hello Richard,
If you come to Ecuador it almost mandatory to visit the Equator Line, we can take you there as part of a city tour or you can choose our Epic Treks of the Andes and Amazon to explore further more of this facinating country... please visit our website or contact me directly at I will be pleased to assist you.
Tell me what places you are interested in? I live in Quito, which is the capital of Ecuador, adn from here you can go to any place of our country. Whjat are your interests? Do you like hiking, biking or just have fun and relax? I can recommend you so many places..... Will await for your reply
Yanahurco, the Andean ranch.
This is the largest cattle ranch of the Ecuadorian Andes.
It is a self sufficient ranch that offers a comfortable country style hotel with all the commodities that can be expected in this mountainous region. Yanahurco assists tourists under exclusive reservations much the same as in the famous Fantasy Island TV series.
The tours offered in Yanahurco´s web page are only a portion of the activities you can expect to do on the ranch. Clients can choose among many options which best suit their likes.
There are different places to visit by horse or trekking within Yanahurco. Guests will receive briefings on the many possibilities: Go to different rivers, fish trout in a private lake, and search for wild life. Come close to a great diversity of birds, for the bird watchers delight, including the Andean Condors and see herds of wild horses, Spanish origin fighting cattle, along with fantastic sceneries for picture lovers.
Yanhurco especially guaranties total privacy and safety for its visitors. Meals and food are prepared with the best natural products available.
Enjoy a peaceful and tranquil experience at Yanahurco free from cellular phones, TV, noise, and other types of pollution. Feel the clean air, see the pristine rivers, and relax at night with sounds of silence.

You will never forget the vigorous sensation of being recharged with new energy at the end of your stay at the ranch Yanahurco.

It is a unique place to visit, not only in your stay in Ecuador, but most probably in any world travel that you might have dreamed of.
Hi, I can offer you a complete tour of Ecuador with excelent prices. Check my web page you can find a lot of information of Ecuador and also some touring destinations. We do custom tours in order to adjust to your likes, times, and budget.
Ecuador is a really small country where you can find the weather of the four seasons in just one day
"Mitad del Mundo" is where you want to go. For transportation and one day tours please contact us via email:

Thank you.
It would be a pleasure to take you and friends to the 0´00´000´´ latitud and explain how the old scientist French Lacondamine missed the spot just for 200 mts; and you could prove it using a GPS. Then using physics, you will visit the real spot. (read about flushing and standing an egg on a nail with gravity 0). E-mail me to
Hi Richard:
Ecuador is a small country with a huge diversity, I suggest you visitting, in the coast places such as: Puerto López, Manta, Montañita, Canoa, in hignlands of course our capital Quito, Otavalo, Baños de Agua Santa, Vilcabamba, in the jungle: Tena, Puyo,Cuyabeno. And Galápagos islands.

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