i am visiting Buenos Aires for 28 days. First time visiting English speaking what must i see and do. I love people and parties


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


First of all you wll have to decide where to stay. I think Palermo could be a good option; safe, full of restaurants, pubs, dance clubs and nice people walking around.
I have two suggestions for accommodation: he firs one Plaza Francia Hotel, located in Recoleta. I worked at this hotel for 24 years and I can help you get a nice room with a view for a special rate. Or an apartment, which is cheaper and gives you more flexibility. In both cases I know the owners.
Regarding different activities, I am currently offering Concierge services in BA, with the added advanatge of 24 years working in the travel industry.
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Norberto Achcar
Hi Cassy,
Hope it is well there.
Buenos Aires has a lot of accomodation that has a very good price. Palermo has very good restaurants and someone has a very good price and eat very well.
I recommend to visit the neighborhoods of Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo and Downtown where you can find a lot of young people.
I recommend to visist . it´s a very well Guide in 12 languages.

We keep in touch.

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Guide 4 Tourist
Hi Cassy,
Well in 28 days you will be able to really get to know our beautiful city.
There are many things to do, most of them you can do the by yourself, you just need to grab your bag and a bottle of water cause right now it is really hot in Buenos Aires.
The only thing that I would really advise you about is to take a city tour in the first week for two reasons, first cause you will know the important places in Buenos Aires and that is a must if you come here, and then because you will know the city a bit better and you will know which places are safe and which not, and get some ideas of activities you can do.
As you can see in this website I offer tour guiding services in english, so if you are interested on that let me know.
About parties, right now as it is summer there are not that many things happening cause everyone is on vacations, but there is always some good stuff to do. I recommend you places Palermo neighbourhood where are a lot of bars and some clubs and also many people who is taking vacations here.
Well I hope my answer was usefull and if you need a tour just let me know.
Hello Cassy,

As you are staying 28 days, you can take a city tour of Buenos Aires as to know different places and then decide which one you prefer to explore in detail ()
A good guide of restaurants is Guia Oleo, you can filter between type of food, location and price,
About nightlife it´s depends on the day of the week, but you will always have a bar, a disco to go.
You can feel free to contact me by PM if you need further info or you are interested in taking Polo or tango lessons.

Kind regards,
Hi Cassy, here is a list of my must seen places:


1 Caminito (go on Sunday)

2 Cementerio de la Recoleta (one of the most beautifull cemeteries in the World)

4 Costanera Sur (walk along the River Plate)

5 Feria de Mataderos (its a tradicional fair where they play folkore and sell mates, leather, etc)

6 Obelisco (Icon of BA)

7 Feria de Plaza Dorrego (go on Sunday!)

9 Teatro Colón (our Opera theatre, its closed until March)

10 Palacio Barolo (amazing building)

11 Edificio Kavanagh (it was one of the highest buildings in BA for a long period)

12 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum, its free)

13 Bosques de Palermo (this is a nice area to go running)

14 Café Tortoni (oldest coffee shop in BA)

15 Plaza de Mayo (around this Square its the Government House, Cada Rosada, the Cathedral, the National Bank, etc)

16 Avenida Corrientes (where all the theatres and bookstores are located)

17 Jardín Botánico (Botanical Garden, very nice to go with a book and relax)

18 Cancha de Boca (Main football team in Argentina, there are guided visits to the stadium and its musem)

19 Malba (Private Museum if Latinamerican Art, very good)

20 Parque Lezama (park)

21 Galerías Pacífico (one of the nicest shoppings in BA, it has amazing paintings at the rooftop)

22 Barrio Chino (Chinese neighborhood)

23 Libreria El Ateneo Grand Splendid (considered the 2nd most beautiful bookstore in the world)

In case you need anything else, you can email me to

Un beso! ;)

pracatices yoga and dont go to palermo
Hi buenos aires is very good for know people. Im working but if i have time i can show you nice place like the Tigre etc.
A great option to know people and dance with them is taking TANGO LESSONS. A great place to do it is La Viruta. It's in 1366 Armenia Street in Palermo. Other members have given great recommendations. I think you can't miss San Telmo, La Boca and Palermo Soho. Good Luck and contact me in case you need a guide and translator :)

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