Hello. Do you know Thames International College in 9 Tavistock Place, London? does this school really exist? can you tell me about...

...this school? is it true that they are suspended?and do you have any idea how long they will be suspended? I really need your help..hope to hear from you guys soon.


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Firstly, you can ask them directly

But you should also find out if they are an "approved" institution. The UK border agency website has a list of institutions which they recognise. You should consult that too.
If it is for UK visa I am afraid it is suspended. i can recommend OME school of English.
hi sir. do you happen to know sir regarding the duration of the suspension? what I mean is until when the school will be suspended?And is there a chance that the case will be resolved? and do you know the reason for suspension sir? thank you so much. hope I can hear from you again sir.=)
if for UK visa I an afraid they are suspended for a indefinite period.

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