My query is that can someone find a job in Dubai on Tourist visa base ? Visit Visa is allow to find a Job in Dubai ?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Tourist visa; depends how long you stay; also with visit visa, i think it is only a chance that those employers who you already apply can see you face to face if they are going to call you for interview. But if you dont make any contact and you want to come to Dubai with a one month visa, it is hard to get any calls within that times. It depends what kind of job also you looking for.

But as I mentioned just opportunity in case if employer call for interview. You have to mention in the CV your residence status, and in case if all ok, you may change the status by travelling back to your country or neighbour country.

Answer is yes, however there is a process. If you get hired then you will have go out of the country so you can come back on your work visa that is if you get a job, which is highly unlikely, but if you are lucky. I would suggest that you should do your research from your home country and at least have some interviews lined up once you are here on a visit visa. If you just come and think you will get a job like that, you must be very lucky to land one. Best of luck
Yes! You can hunt for a job in Dubai(UAE) on a tourist Visa/ Visit visa, however you cannot work on Visit Visa or a tourist visa, its a little risky. According to the UAE Law and Regulations a person should carry a work permit/ residency visa to work. Hope this is the answer to your question.
yes, you can come on tourist visa and hunt for job.once you are appointe dby the company ,the company will then transfer your visa from Tourist to Employment.
But the situation out in Dubai is pretty bad now . So better stay where you are as you may not land a job immediately.
Yes, You can do as per other respective reply
for quick response you just look in this Gulf News classified Jobs , whatever job you looking for.
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It is illegal to search for jobs, while in Visit Visa, but lot of people still follows it. Once they enter a deal with any company, they exit the country and enter with employers work permit and residence visa.
There are 2 ways you can be in the country. Either a visit visa or residency. Since you don't have a job u can only search and do interviews (stay in Dubai during that period) with a visit visa. Some take long time to get back to you with an answer or an offer, so u might want to look into visiting twice. GGC nationals don't need a visa to visit and look for jobs. Gluck
Yes it is allowed but you have to take into consideration that is not so easy to find a job one month time.I suggest to u that u search the market before you come, try on internet and if you have so interviews by the time u come it will be perfect.U can stay maximun 3 months in the contry with a tourist visa and after your employer has to provide a visa or you have to travel out of the country and renew it. As well mention in you CV the status of your visa so the emplyer knows your situation.
yes a person on visit visa can find a job in uae,,as because of recession a lot of companies and firms preffer employes on visit visa,,,,,so dont worry about ittt...
its not allowed to work in your visit
but its happening so you just need to take care
Rashid u can look for a job in Dubai with ur tourist visa. When u find a job u need to flly nearest country and do exchange visa. It will be helpfull if u will apply online and know where to leave ur CV once u are here.

One of my friend came here with tourist visa for a month but she couldnt find a job in this period. She was able to extend for one more month. She got a job after 2 month and she flyed back to her home country about a month untill the company will open resident visa for her.
Well, As what your query YES there is possible that you can get a job in Dubai on tourist visa or visit visa it depends on your skills what you are qualification.

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