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Bukit Timah is a hill in Singapore which stands at an altitude of 163.63 metres (537 ft.) and is the highest point in the city-state of Singapore. Bukit Timah is located near the centre of the Singapore main island.

The surrounding area is an urban planning area known as Bukit Timah Planning Area under the Urban Redevelopment Authority and is part of the Central Region, and lies 10 kilometres (6 miles) from the city's central business district, the Central Area. This area is often referred to as Bukit Timah, and is also known as District 11.

The area has a substantial number of bungalows (single family houses and duplexes) as well as condominiums.

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Bt Timah Hill is the tallest natural point in Singapore at 164m. It is in the middle of Bt Timah Nature Reserve, a forest within the city, one of the few in the world.

Hindhede Drive, off Bt Timah Road, leads partially up the hill and the peak can be easily accessed on foot by a path within 30 min. There is a public car park at the foot of the hill at the end of Hindhede Drive and a bus stop about 400m away (bus services 67, 170, 171, 173, 184, 852 and 961). The Beauty World MRT station is about 700m away but is not yet open. By car, it is about 20 min away from downtown and 40 min by bus.

You can find the hill on Google Maps, Google Earth or website. The GPS coordinates are 1.34804,103.776662.
Looks like the other two users have answered your question, but just wanted to add - you can also get there by taking the MRT to Newton, then bus no 67, 170 or 171 from bus stop B09 on Bukit Timah Road and get off at bus stop B03 on Upper Bukit Timah Road - it's about a 10 minute walk from there.

If you're planning on going there soon - remember that it is still rainy season in Singapore and we are getting a lot of rain right now. The weather can turn VERY quickly so you need to be prepared for this before you head off into the rainforest. Make sure you wear good walking shoes as the ground gets very slippery as soon as it rains, and take a plastic bag to put your camera/mobile phone in. And cover up with mosquito repellent before you go!

Also worth the shorter walk as well as going up the hill, is the boardwalk to Hindhede Quarry - a good spot to take a rest!

Oh and don't feed the monkeys! ;) Enjoy!
Bukit Timah Hill is the tallest mountain/hill in Singapore and it is located 12km from town (CBD)

Adding on to Danini's information, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is located on the slopes of Bukit Timah Hill

The primary activities at Bukit Timah are strolling, running and hiking. There are also smaller groups of people who rock-climb and abseil at the Dairy Farm quarry as well as mountain biking. There are specially-allocated mountain-bike trails. The Reserve is popular among athletes training for mountain-climbing.
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Bukit Timah Hill is a 164ha rainforest, 12km from the city centre . The Reserve also includes Singapore's highest hill (163m).

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Central Catchment Nature Reserve are homes to more than 840 flowering plants and over 500 species of animals (including butterflies).

The main walking trails in the Reserve are as follows:
Route 1 (Red) 45 mins, trail grade: Easy
Route 2 (Blue) 35 mins, trail grade: Easy
Route 3 (Green) 1-2 hours, trail grade: Moderate to difficult
Route 4 (Yellow) 2 hrs, trail grade: Difficult
Kampong Trail (which leads to MacRitchie Reservoir) 1.5 hrs, trail grade: Easy
Bukit Timah Hill is in Singapore's central north district.
It's a stone throw from downtown,accessible by bus,taxi or train/bus.
Best stop by train will be Clementi station in the east/west[green]line, or Newton station in the north/south[red]line;then connect buses conveniently.
Of course,when you're without budget constraints,a taxi will bring you to it's foot=off Bukit Timah Road.
Bukit Timah Hill is a nature reserve listed in our National Parks guides/programs.
Other learned Singaporean localyte have given you very good elaborations & websites for your preview.
You may also go into our profiles to read the other write-ups & tips on this beautiful ,but oldest yet preserved nature reserves that is a great source for last/remaining wild lifes in Singapore;viz. our distant relatives=the ever intelligent monkeys.
Warning:- DO NOT FEED monkeys !!! Compound/Fine:S$5,000/- !
Enjoy !
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Bukit Timah Hill's entrance is diagonally opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. 22.8 degree on your left if you are facing the shopping centre. I'm very sure bus number 170 goes there. If are coming from Woodlands, you could alight after an old fire station and a condominium. Bukit Timah Hill should be right in front of you. Keep walking with the flow of the traffic and turn left at a junction and walk straight in. If you feel you are ascending, you should be on the right track. If you see some tall buildings on your right , that should be Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and you have to walk back and find the entrance. If you are from town, you should alight right in front of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and walk 22.8 degree to your left. Please be reminded that you should use the overhead bridge and NOT run across the road as vehicles at this road are allowed to travel at 70km/hr. With 10% buffer before they could get a fine, many would be traveling at 80km/hr and I'm one of them. :)

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