What beach should I go to from the cruise port? by taxi or bus?


City: Puerto Vallarta

State: Jalisco

Country: Mexico



There is a newly built walkway to a public beach just past Peninsula Plaza. You can walk there from the cruise ship terminal in about 20 minutes.
It would depend if you wanted to make the walk. The TAXIS will not charge you that much and myself I would ask them how much and make decide right there on the spot.
You can walk to the beach that runs in front of the hotels there by walking towards the water on a pathway next to the closest hotel. They generally don't mind if you grab a lounge chair on the sand, especially if you're ordering drinks or food. You can also hop on the bus and head down to Playa Los Muertos in the Romantic Zone. The bus ride will take you through Centro and won't take very long. You'll be able to see a lot of the city and visit the most popular beach. There is a bus stop right there on the main highway.

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