A romantic weekend get away for February have place to stay.. but what can we actually do when we are the area..


City: Pretoria

Province: Gauteng

Country: South Africa


What type of things do you two like doing? Let me know and I'll try and answer your question more specifically. Here are a couple of suggestions: 1. A drive around the Rietvlei Nature Reserve: you'll see some awesome animals, it'll feel like you're in the bush and yet it's only a few kilometers from Centurion! I'm talking an amazing amount of buck, birds and even white rhino. Great for birdwatching, plus you can take a picnic or braai with and it's a great photo opportunity too! 2. You could drive out towards Hartebeespoort Dam and have lunch at a stunning place called the Windmill (I think) - It literally is one big windmill with the most wonderful things on sale! 3. Markets: Irene Market is a wonderful shopping experience if your partner enjoys being outside AND shopping - you can find cheap stuff and pricey stuff there ... whatever you choose. And the deli section of the market is to die for. 4. If you've never been, a visit to the Voortrekker Monument is a great experience - the architecture is out of this world, and so are the views. But let me know what you'd specifically like to do, and I'll think some more!
I agree with Cecile. Are you interested in indoor/outdoor activities? Or do you want to be in the city or out in the countryside? Do you want to be part of a tour group or move around independently? Are you interested in seeing wild animals or birds? There is just so much to do but help us to help you in the right direction.
In the Pretoria there is tons do to...!! You have the option of great romantic restaurants, of which I have listed some! There is great attractions like the Zoo, Art gallery's, Picnic spots at Irene country farm, sporting attractions, nightlife and shows to watch on theater, check out this website: it should give you more than enough options to keep you busy for one weekend! Enjoy!
hi there i have a clothes optional homestay on the south coast in pennington note its not sexual just that you can relax in the nude.Its private and secure pool braai and self catering

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