what is the cheapest way to get to san juan island?


City: Seattle

State: Washington

Country: United States


Walk on or take a bike on the ferry. The island is easy to access by bike, and very beautiful. Be sure to stop on Orcas also and explore it including Mt. Constitution, the state park, and the shops in Eastsound. You will love it. Where are you starting from? You can take the train to Bellingham and find someone going by plane on sometimes. I used live on Orcas, and we used to go back and forth a lot. Have a great time, beautiful area. You can also take a bus all the way to anacortes by way of whidbey island, and then walk on the ferry. People are friendly and will pick up hitchhikers there also. Good Luck! Let me know how it goes. Doe Bay on Orcas Island is a great place to stay and kayak also.

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