My family will be traveling to Luxor the end of March. What is the cost of a car and driver for a day for 5 people? for 5 days?


City: Luxor

Governorate: Qina

Country: Egypt


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it Depends on if u want the car inside luxor in the 5 days if so u can rent van car it will be from 80-120$ per day + teps and if u want any help with that just contact me
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The cost of the car and driver depends on what places you like to travel to. Example Dandarah, Abydos, Cairo, Hurgada etc and other placed outside the city all have their own Daily rate due to the distance of these places.
If you have an ittinary of the places you would like to visit then I would be very happy to answer the question for you ...

i think that may coast 200 hundred for only one day .
If you need a car in luxor to do some tours,it depends on which tours you will do.We got tours in luxor itself like,the tour of the west bank of luxor.There a lot of temples and tombs to visit.As well,we do the tour of the east side of luxor including the temples of karnak and luxor.We do tours out of luxor like,edfu,kom ombo ,dendera and aswan.
plz tell me which tours you like to do ..then i gonna tell you what you gonna pay?
I will be very happy to guide you in your tours..if you dont mind?
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around 200 le per day
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Thank you for the inquire, i will be happy to book you this tour and i will include for you my website below so you can look at the other packages and let me know so i can build you the best itinerary
Look forward to hearing from you soon
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it depends on what you are going to do i mean the sites you arre gonna visit and how long it takes to visit it if you can inform me with that i cant tell you how much it will cost
important question do you want to rent a car to drive your self or a car with a driver to take you round
sightseeing day tour will cost around $40 USD to $50 USD.
if you want to visit other sightseeing out of luxor, then better to mention what you want to visit , so one can give you some figures.
where will u go for ,first?It differs...Anyway life in Luxor,generally in Egypt is not exspensive at all mate.Am in help any time want.

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