going to singapore next week for chinese new year new any advice on what to wear or do?


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


A warm welcome to Singapore! It is hot and rainy season here so prepare bermuda, t-shirt and sandal and rain gear. Chinese New Year is on 3 & 4 Feb where most shops/places will be closed. You can refer to this link website or activities on Chinese New Year! Have fun!
Please wear bright colours such as red, orange and pink to meet people. Bright colours are auspicious means good luck and fortune to yourself and family. Long pants of black and blue with red or orange as top can bring the good fortune out of yourself to others.
Hi Elizabeth - remember that it is hot and humid in singapore, so bring appropriate clothes for the weather - light, cotton clothing is best. Be prepared for rain most days - carry an umbrella with you whenever you go out. You can see a blog post on NileGuide Singapore for help with packing: website

The blog will be updated with what's going on over chinese new year too. if you want to get into the spirit of things, you can buy a cheongsam in the stalls in chinatown, or check out the temporary display in paragon shopping centre groun floor, with lots of chinese dresses for sale.

Enjoy your stay!

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