Does anyone know of a well priced but nice place for me to stay on my own, centrally located would be better. I also need to know the... way to get there. There are no direct flights from Malta to Malaga airport. thanks.


Country: Spain


Hello! I have a question about your trip; are you coming to Murcia or going to Malaga? If going to Malaga I cannot provide you any useful information, anyway you can always check the hostelworld website!

Let me see if I can help.
To find a nice place to stay please visit:

- Lots of good deals there from * to ***** hotels and resorts.

For flight from Malta to Malaga (AGP) please visit:

You should be able to find a nice combination.
Feel free to keep in touch if you need further help.

Enjoy your stay in Costa del Sol.

Hi, this is a great place to stay on your own, I've tried it myself 3 times now:
Nice and clean, located in the heart of Malaga, 10 meters from the famous Larios street, restaurants and bars on your doorstep, very good price worth the money.
I want to help you is just that i was thinking why dont you take a flight from malta to madrid then madrid malaga ? could be cheaper ...
i'm cheking at .
287 euros malta madrid then 417 madrid malaga
well i was cheking malta madrid and i think expensive.

have a nice trip.
You can get a flight from Malta to Madrid, then a flight from Madrid to Malaga. The total return prices vary depending on the dates of travel. In September, they range from 226€ to 340€ and in October 146€ to 320€. I got this information from the best website for comparing bargain flights, where you can enter your destinations and then, in the date part, there is an option for "Whole month". This will then show a bar graph for the days of month so you can see which days are more reasonable, etc. Select the days you want to fly, and the total price will be displayed. Here is the link:-

As for staying in Malaga on your own - I have travelled all around Spain in the last 3 years, and always felt safe, but have not been to the tourist areas like Malaga which probably have some crime. I would recommend buying either "The Rough Guide to Spain" or "Lonely Planet" books(I bought both of them). They have good listings of hotels in all price ranges, and they have good detailed written guides to every resort and city.

Buena Suerte!

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