Is it o.k. for a woman to visit Paris alone? Is underground safe? Which are the districts that should be avoided? Merci! :)


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


Well I can't help you because When I am in Paris, I am travelling by car with my boyfriend, and I was only ones in metro, to see how its look like, i think is safe, but be carefull anyway for your bag, or for strangers.
Take care
Paris is OK for a woman alone - I'd advise you not to catch anyone's eye in the metro (makes you look like a tourist) and keep within the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th 7th 8th, 15th, 16th and 17th arrondissements - Neuilly sur Seine is also worth a visit - dont go too far off the main roads when walking around and remember taxis are not that expensive in Paris - its a relatively small city to travel in. I hope this helps!

Hi! I'm a woman an I travel often alone in Paris. Is not a dangerous city also in underground.It's sure in Paris and during the day. It's better to don't use the underground during the night. North of Paris really not a good place during the night. You can be without problem in west and south Paris and also cities around. Anyway, for classic tourist places, all is sure. Enjoy your stay in Paris!
My first visit to Paris was pretty scary. I've seen acts of violence while using the underground, but also close to Napoleon's Dome! Not all my trips there were like that though. I would suggest to take a taxi if you need to go out in the evening and during the day avoid the small uncirculated streets just to be safe.
Having visited Paris quite a few times, I have always used the Metro. Yes, sometimes there are incidents that are unpleasant, but, overall it is a safe way to travel around the city. For a woman travelling alone, I would suggest avoiding late night travel in certain sectors.. Also, during peak timings, there are many pick pockets around and believe me they are good at what they do.. So, be careful about your valuables, passport, money etc...Otherwise, Paris is a joy to visit..

Hope you have a good time in Paris
Paris alone is ok yes.though if you couchsurf the person who host you would be able to show you talk more about the district that are worth seing i would say the 7th , 5-6th, and the 11th...have a good journey there...
Lived in Paris for a year and a half and while I experienced 'street people', riots with tear gas (farmers!) and the occasional pick pocket, I never felt unsafe. Of course being male may make a difference. Other advice to stay out of certain sections of the city are sound however. If you visit the Latin Quarter at night, which is a very cool part of town with lots of great restaurants and clubs, you should be fine. And I agree, taxis are plentiful and not too expensive.

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