Driver late september, licensed to do so, starting in Falmouth, a drive around Falmouth, Bob Sled ride, Fern Gully shops, a local... to drop a few supplies, bob marleys nine mile, maroon town, Glistening waters and a plantation or 2 of coffee, ganj etc... so a full day of driving and sight seeing by a reputable independent licensed tour guide. What is the cost for the day of driving and talking including gas.


City: Accompong

Parish: Saint Elizabeth

Country: Jamaica


U seem 2 want 2 do a lot in a short time u need a coupla days 2 complete your list. Maroon town is in St Elizabeth and the rest of your wish list is in St. Ann
maroon town is in st james not st elizabeth
i'm jamaicatourguide. check my website and/or tripadvisor for reference. hope to hear from you.
i"m free all day and yes and available. Email me when ever you're ready and les have go and have some fun. We'll see as much as we can for that day and lets see from there.
have a nice day
Hi my name is Tiffany and I would be more than happy to assist you, you have quite the list. I am available whenever you are what I would like is for you to let me know where you will be staying and what time you would like your days to start, let me know if your travelling alone or if you have guest I offer group rates. I could charge a little below $150 per day seeing that I am so clos. I can be reached @ or 1/876/863/6499. Whatever your choice have a GREAT VACATION!!!
It is impossible to do all you have listed in one day,I have a professional and knowledgeable driver that you can use email me at so we can work out details.
It is impossible to do all you have listed in one day,I have a professional and knowledgeable driver that you can use email me at so we can work out details.
Hello, most business places closed for business at 5pm. The tour to maroon town fr Falmouth will take about 6 hrs, so it is almost impossible 2 get all that done in 1 day. If u r serious about a tour u can give me a call at 1-876-857-3267 and we will discuss the best way 2 get all that u want done. Let me know, yrs truly, Donovan.
am ready wenever your ready...
i'll charge you 180 per day including gas and for a group size maximum 3...
Sure, I know the area well, give me a reply a week in advance
U$120 per day
Please feel free to give us a cal @ 1-876-859-4739 or e-mail @ , check out our website @ .
If you need relaible and profesional services while you vacation in Jamaica don't hesitate in contacting us.
Just google my name for reffs,
"Marva Shaw"
I know an excellent tour guide, I will poat the details later for you once I have spoken to him.

Hello to you, first you must know that each location that which you seek to reach is not as near as you think however i can take you to at lease two are three location depending on the time you spend at each location email me at state what you want and i can give you the best time and ideal location to best enjoy your day. OR CALL
lets talk business, call me 1876-487-0448 or email me your question
Impossible to do all this in one day even if you hire a helicopter (which is possible).But plan on taking two to three days if you really want to enjoy the tour. Let me know your time schedule so that i can work out something really great for you..........One love...... Garth H
that will cost you roughly 500 USD or 45,ooo JMD
Hello I am a licence tour operator. You have list some very interesting places to visit and I will be available to take you to all of them. However it is not possible to do them in 1 or 2 days Maybe 3 days sounds more reasonable. for you to see and enjoy them. and for the plantation i know where the best ones are located. email tel 18763565750
As small as Jamaica is, for you to see and experience the sights, you will need more than 1 day. If you are renting a car, the rental car companies in Jamaica can provide you with a driver and the rates varied. However, if you looking to hire a taxi, the prices will start from US$100.00 and goes up. This is all depending on how much you wich to do in the one day.
Email me at with more details and I will be able to help you plan your holiday.
You will definitely need more than "a day" to do all this, at least a day for each place you want to go so you wont be rushed.
You're trying to do too many things in one day. You'll need at minimum two days and if possible three days to cover that much ground and not be rushed through it. If you already have room reservations you can make this into simple day trips but if you do not have reservations than you can actually come up with a great tour of Jamaica that shows you the many different environments available to visit.

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