Which are the most reasonably priced Chinese Restaurants for hosting wedding dinner in Singapore


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


Wedding dinners held in hotels are provided for one night stay for the bride and groom. The prices for Swissotel Merchant Court is very reasonable to have 500 guests. The prices for Swissotel The Stamford is reasonable to have 3,000 guests as the hotel is 72 storeys being the tallest hotel in Singapore to see the city area being very nice as subway is located at under the hotel.

Capabilty to hold more than 3,000 guests need to have Suntec or Singapore Expo. Prices are very affordable to hold the best wedding dinner for 8 to 9 courses of food.

Guests are able to give red packets as gifts as monies to cover the expenses of the dinner.

Please be able to hold your liquor well as the guests are able to make the groom drunk by going to visit all tables of relatives and friends.

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