Pls advise. Do I need visa for 7hrs transit in New Delhi? I don't have an visa for India right now.


City: New Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India


Depends on your citizenship.If you are from ...Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singapore you will be given a visa on arrival .But if you hold other citizenship/citizenships then you need a visa for sure. If you wish to spend 7 hrs in India and clear immigration India and move out of Airport then you need a visa

If you want just transit then you can wait in transit lounge at the airport and depart to your destination ,no visa is required for this as you don`t have to clear immigration India.If you wish to know more let me know.
Hi, before you want me to answer your question, please clarify the following:-
1) Which Nationality Passport are you holding?
2) Do you want to wait in the transit area or want to come out of the airport?
3) Do you have a confirmed onward journey ticket?
Based on these questions i will be able to answer to your question.
Further if you are going to be just on Transit Area to take up your further onward journey then you dont require a visa for India. Incase if you want to spend outside the airport as per law any transit visa will be issued only if you are with more than 8hours transit time, that too airlines will take care of this. It is IATA rule that any carrier should give you accomodation if your onward journey connecting flight more than 8 hours. Hope i have answered your question. Thanks Regards
dear !
mr.v.srinivasan is right!!
Other two members have given the right answer. I would just add a link, where the matter is clear, what Mr Surendra Mohan has said:
no if u have stay at airport only then u dont need visa ! u wont be allowed out, there is one hall where all passengers wait & u have to be there ! u want to go out u need visa !
As its already very well explained by Mr. Srinivasan regarding your Transit Visa for India query.

If you're not leaving the Airport & going out so don't require any Transit Visa as such for India.
I feel Shinu has answered the question very comprehensively...Anyways, with such a shoirt transit time at Delhi and the infernal traffic, I wonder what would you do during the little time you have here...
if you want to move out from the airport then you need an transit visa visa & if you are just waiting in lounge only then you dont require the transit visa.

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