Any recommendations for Ho Chi Minh City? Things to do? Food? etc?


City: Ho Chi Minh City

Municipality: Ho Chi Minh

Country: Vietnam


Cham Charm Restaurant is the best choice for dinner
Free walking tour of HCMC. Let a local student show you around instead of get lost in your Lonely Planet Guide.
For my coutry speacil in Hochiminh city, many thing to to - for example is looking for local people life, and enjoy relax on homstay down to Mekong delta, and take XichLo to around city, enjoy life for cruise dinner, to do more play gofl, and discover nature park 40km from Ho chi minh city.
Things to do : go to ben thanh market at night ( district 1), dinner in bonsai cruise and enjoy river bank life, drink coffee in the opposite of Duc Ba church and enjoy belly dance also, go to gym , fishing , shopping....
Food: many style in HCM, you can find in backpacker street ( de tham or pham ngu lao street )
if want more information send email for me to , available to provide information
You can try X O Tours ()

As they write on their website:
"Who? We are the first tour company in Vietnam to offer affordable motorbike tours with beautiful female tour guides dressed in traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai. All our XO girls are fluent in English and trained to provide amazing service to our valuable customers."

Disclaimer: I know the organiser, a really nice guy that also blogs about his life here in Vietnam (Saigon in a cup) and I have provided them with photography services.
XO girls ? aint it refer to kinda disguised hookers or maiden ?
would be irritating and misunderstanding for such services :-(
gals should not be a bike taxi driver here in vietnam , i dont know what the heck the service is about but it totally smears the symbol of vietnamese women .
take a tour quickbook and read some pages before landing in hcm city,
many things you have to learn to get yourself comfortable here , especially in vietnamese customs , tradition rules , money in trading , bargaining , how to avoid frustrating stuff ...

when you landing in hcm city there are 16 districts for you to discover instead binding yourself just around central district , i mean district 1 that's definately not a enough good trip !!! you have to fulfill your journey by wandering other area nearby .

taking a taxi will cost you huge of money , try to learn some popular conversations in vietnamese in simple trading , way asking to take a "taxi" bike , there are tons of "taxi" bike drivers .

some spot i would recommend for trips in ho chi minh city aka saigon .

- phu my hung ( phú mỹ hưng ). a new urban in recent years , but not new and green anymore , full of dust and noisy there, but worth a trip to learn how ho chi minh city is spreading and thriving along west east axis .

- for those who like fresh air of bare natural stuff , then take a trip to Can Gio ( Cần Giờ ) ,
hugest ecological area with many mangroves under government's reservation program . you can take a boat/cano to get along

-for those who are shopaholic then ask to take a trip around Ben Thanh ( bến thành) market , just take a look without buying anything is ok but better to get some stuff , you dont need an interpreter because the merchants speak english quite well enough for a deal even with bargaining taste ( yes ! bargaining skill should be required :-) i dont know if some booths quote with fix prices )

- for those who like to study ho chi minh city's history then get to remnants museum in central district or head to the west of the city to Cu Chi for a huge popular zigzag tunels where sheltered the local guerrillas during the war against us army .
warning : those tunels's size just fit right the vietnamese body , if you were oversize more than a vietnamese mature then surely cant crawl into it for discovering the under world , a very subtle base during the war , if you got heartache history then definitely stay away and forget those tunnels.
many, many place to visit for various kind of people
for old man, u can go to independent palce, war musium, cu chi tunnel..
for young man, u can go ben thanh market, dam sen park, dai nam park...

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