how hot is montego


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


montego bay oh yes its the prefect place to be hotels and alot of attractions not to mention the lovely beaches and people sweet place to be alot of attractions and activities
Montego bay has a temperature that range form 23 to 32 degrees but if it gets too hot for you, you can just go to any one of the fine beaches that are in Montego Bay plus most if not all rooms have air-conditioning.
At the moment Montego Bay has a temperature range of about 25 - 30 degrees celcius which is about 80 - 85% farenheit I think. Its sunny in the day time but gets a little cooler at nights (temperature drops a little) Ideal temperature! Lots of wind, beautiful for going sailing, swimming and snorkelling or just letting your hair down
Between 70 to 83 F. The only difference between summer and winter is that it rains in the summer bringing up the humidity. That is how Jamaica gets the name Paradise. The same temps , year round. It is great with breezes off the sea and enjoyable when in the sea.
montego bay isn't very hot it has a temperature of in the 20s to early 30s degrees but on regular it's mostly sunny with a few cloudy days
Montego bay is a very nice place to be lots of hotels beachwhere you can go and relax and take a tan in the sun.It depends on the wheather right now it is alittle warm but you dont have to worry if you can not take too much of the sun you have a lot of places you can go and get cool down with a/c or just in the shade with the natural breeze. you will love it there you have alot there you can shop around.
Montego Bay is hot mostly i'll say from the Month of April thru to September. However not to worry, we have beautiful beaches you can go to relax during the daytime, as at nights it gets cool.
very hot!! about 29degree c
well i am going to assume that in your question of how hot montego bay is you are talking in terms of things to do, as you could simply check the weather report to find out about the weather lol. montego bay is the perfect place for your stay in Jamaica, you are guaranteed to find something to do or somewhere to stay regardless of your price range or desired form of entertainment.
Montego Bay is pretty hot that's why there are so many cool places for you to hang out while still enjoying the heat so to speak, like Magaritaville, Doctor's Cave Beach etc.

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