What other places to see besides the regular ones that tourist gp?


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


It varies based on your interest and the time of year. What season are you coming, and how fit are you/you're family?
Well if you're staying within downtown Toronto, everything there is pretty much the 'regular tourist spots' if you go east of Toronto into Scarborough (Still serviced by Toronto Transit) You have the Scarborough Bluffs, The
Actually I was there in Banff just this April. But 2 days and 2 night is not enough. I was reading the brochure and still there is much to see. We drove to Calgary (just fun ride) and have lunch there. Would love to go back and check other places out of the beaten path.
Toronto Zoo, and the many bike paths by the lake (not super busy so you can walk them quite easily with GREAT views)
I'm confused here.
your query is for Vancouver, but I see replies related to Toronto.

Anyways, I don't have a clue for the former, and in Toronto, make an effort and go to see The African Safari (near Burlington), that'll be the only 'different' activity.
Tourists tend to go to the places that are the most interesting, most scenic, and most fun. If you want to get away from the tourists, it depends on what you want to do. You'll get different suggestions if you just want to have a beer where the locals drink or if you want to see some local art.

I would suggest taking a tour with Tour Guys in Vancouver () or at least contacting for info on what to do that is not "touristy". He's a great guy and very helpful! Disclaimer - I'm the Toronto Tour Guy and Steve is my counterpart in Vancouver.
Take a trip over to Vancouver Island. It's quite cheap and buses from the main bus depot will take you right onto the ferry boat. Beautiful part of the world.
Hi Jehiel,
I like to travel by myself too because I can freely manage my time, and not just stop off a spot briefly, but the time is always not enough since there are myriad of fun things to see. Therefore, I'd probably visit one place for several short-term stays, or for an at least 2-week. Sometimes I got different feeling in the same place especially in different seasons. You mentioned that you want to go to Banff again. Where have you been? I think if you can specifically give out your destinations, interest and time/days, even rough budget, you’ll get exacter suggestions from this website. Moreover, maybe you can try to connect some local magazine or travel guilds’ editors, such as “Banff Resort Guide” (email: ). I’ve tried this way for my trip in Japan. Maybe it also works in Canada. I believe they will love to help travellers. Banff is located in Alberta. If you’d like to, as well, go around Vancouver, in BC, there is one-hour time difference. When you’re planning your schedule, don’t forget it. :)
I am in Vancouver, and I could give you ideas depends what time of year you plan to visit, and depends what is your budget and how many days you plan to stay?

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