hello, best place to snowbording and rafting in bosnia and herzegovina?


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


best rafting places - Vrbas river near Banja Luka, Tara River near Foca and Una River near Bihac..enjoy
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Best place to snowbording is mountain Bjelasnica and Vlasic near Sarajevo,and best place to rafting is river Neretva near Mostar and river Una near Bihac!
I agree with this one definitely! Should you choose to go rafting on Neretva, feel free to write me on:
I will reply with pics and videos of rafting on Neretva river, also i can give you contact details of agencies who offer rafting tours on Neretva.
hi tehre...

here are some links:

mountain vlasic

mountain jahorina

mountain bjelasnica

mountain igman

there are other places, too, but these four are the most visited ones...

rafting can be organised on una, vrbas, tara, drina... there are many rivers...

here are the links

have a good fun!
Best snowboarding on Bjelašnica and Jahorina mountains, near Sarajevo.
Best rafting is Una river, near Bihać and Neretva river, near Konjic, I prefer Una since I've been to Una raft and it's amazing and unforgettable!
Peace! :)
best place for rafting is Neretva...definitly...near Konjic...and snowbording-Bjelašnica:-) good luck
Hi Carla!
I just give U some info, then U will see.

and so on,
U can find some more info on Internet.
If U come just put Yr hands in pockets and come, You will get all equipment here very cheap and enjoy.
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SNOWBOARDING: All olimpic mountains around Sarajevo ...

RAFTING: Neretva river - Mostar (Konjic), Vrbas river - Banja Luka, Tara River - Foca and Una River - Bihac...
I suggest you Una River,becouse you can make much more then rafting on that river,a whole active vacation is there waiting for you.

If you're interested check the

I would agree with the others above, Una and Neretva are definitely the winners, and for snowboarding try Bjelasnica or even Jahorina (our olympic mountain).. If you are interested I could take you snowboarding.. e-mail me!
I think Jahorina is the best for snowboarding,u wont find ramps or something similar but u have lot of good tracks,snow is bigger than on Bjelasnica mountain,and its more extreme :)
Una River (Bihac) - There are many companies that do rafting.
If you need more detials or want something different e-mail me.
Neretva River(Konjic)

Snowboarding - above mentioned mountains if you want to go to where there are ski lifts. Not sure about Vlasic, has weird unplanned development right at the end of the trails.
There are many more interesting ski 'resorts' (not really resorts, maybe wannabee resorts, but they have ski lifts) in BH, too (Kupres, Blidinje, Vranica), and if you want to go off the beaten track also another story (bijelasnica is god for one and another).... More info? e-mail...
Tara rafting, easily find on the net. The 3 days option is the best. April & May real adventure, top level raft, other months less adrenalin but still very exciting. Dozens of agencies, intact nature, very, very, very good food, cute wood houses.
Snowbording- Jahorina and Bjelasnica, both in vicinity of Sarajevo. No need to look further.
Well you already heard alot of answers but to be precise Snowboarding location are:
for the Vlasic Travnik
and for the Bjelasnica :
but you could also try Jahorina :
and Kupres and some other that you can check through this site that unfort.. has no english:
as for rafting I think the best for you would be Neretva: but you could check calmer river Una near Bihac, northwest of BiH : and you should check Vrbas near Banja Luka : or Tara near Foca, east BiH, .
Most of these sites are not in english so feel free to contact.
best place to snowbording is mountains Jahorna and Vašić...and rafting in bosnia and herzegovina is the best on the river Vrbas Tara and Una.
Sarajevo and for raft river Neretva near Konjic.
Visit Konjic best rafting experience in BIH, you will also get to visit Boračko lake (a must see). Snowboarding probably Bjelašnica
We had World Rafting Championship in Banja Luka this spring. So I think that the best place for rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina is river Vrbas near Banja Luka.
I would agree with this one!
The best river for rafting is Vrbas in Banjaluka and Banjaluka is the only place in BiH where you can go on a rafting at night! GREAT EXPERIENCE! Definitely something you should try out!
For snowboarding there is ski center in Knezevo-a city located 50km from Banjaluka and for beginners there is mount Kozara near Banjaluka.
A lot of fun stuff in Banjaluka-definitely worth a visit! :D
Best snowboarding place is bjelasnica for sure
1) Kupres, Jahorina, Vlašić

2) VRBAS - Banja Luka - Republic of Srpska !!!

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