does light rail go to univ of denver


City: Denver

State: Colorado

Country: United States


Yes.The E,F,H lines run past the University of Denver and have a stop there. It is not exactly on campus but it is just a short walk. You can see the University from the stop.
Yes, the light rail goes to the University of Denver (University and Buchtel) but the campus is quite large, so you may have a bit of a walk, depending on where you are going. It is all broad paths and well-lit at night, if you are attending an evening lecture or concert. The E, F and H lines all stop there; which one you need will depend on where you are starting from. You have to purchase a ticket before getting on the light rail. You can find route maps and current schedules on the web at:
Yes it does, I have taken it several times and it is very convenient. It goes from downtown union station. Where are you coming from? The E, F, and H lines all go there. You can see the university from the train

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