Hi!i came here w/ visit visa & tried 2 look for a job & this company told me to do the visa for me but im going to pay back.howmuch is...



City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


im not sure exactly, but its around 5000 aed
visa cost is 4300 aed plus 3000 aed refundable deposit witch is not counted as a cost
dont pay them anythingg ovver 4500, and after jan1 , 4000
Its common practice for companies to pay for visa and not the employees. Another option would be to ask to company to put up the visa charges and make the necessary deductions from your pay check.
Depending on a few variables (A,B,C Category) The immigration cost would be around 250 (Initial Approval) 1250 (Immigration in country visa charges) (2000-3000) Ministry of Labour charges and around 350 for the Health Test that is mandatory. in addition to this there is a AED 3000 Bank guarantee refundable upon cancellation.
Hope that help
Good Luck
Hi Marife,
First and foremost, by UAE labor law, visa is done by ur hiring company. U hav 3-6 mos. probation period and according to that another set of agreement happens.
Approximately, visas costs Dhs 2000++ plus ur exit. have a proper agreement wid d company rather dan be at a losing end later. Best of luck in the U.A.E.
what I understood from UAE Labor Law, it is the Employer shall borne the expense in securing Employment Visa for their prospective Employee/s. Perhaps, payback in a sense that you will deliver good performace during the tenure of your employment with them. please refer to UAE Labor Law.... ; )
you will pay from your salery will be diducted every month as installement.
no one should pay for the visa, this is covered by the company, it is against the law, please ask a explaination why they are doing this illegal activity
This is a wrong begining, i would never pay a company to issue me a visa, if they want my service they would offer me a visa on their behalf if they were really planing on hiring me, plus there are new laws for visit visa now, if you're visa expires you can not apply for another visit visa for 30days, and if a company decides to hire you then they should pay all the hiring fee's not the employee. This company to me is tricky, i bet they will give you a hard time, i know all will agree if a company wants to hire you , they will do all the work not you. If things don't seem right then they might not be, i know you are on a visit visa and need to find work, but what would be better spending money on a visa and not getting paid or even getting laid off the next month, thats why they don't want to take the risk on investing,
Very important : if they are serious then tell them you will pay for you're visa only if they can right you a post dated check that is valid within your visit visa time period...if you have more questions you can call me 050-845-4787
vist this wesite and u will find a good answer
I agree with Amir Khan, it is not good starts. Any well based company will not ask for the visa fees for your to pay.
well the visa cost here is 1,200 for 3mos are u fromphilippines?
3000 AED is a Bank gaurenty and other visa processing fee is including, but mostly company giving free visa for the employees, dont pay anything and try to find the best companies,

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