1. Any cheap but good hostels in the city center or near to the city cener? Or suggest any pages for 6 person? 2. Good places to...

...go at night? Thanks everyone!


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


Welkom Andrea to Holland and in Amsterdam esp.!!! ;)

You can try calling Budget Hostel. Tel#: 020-6209123 or if U R close by, its located at>>: Nieuwendijk 23, 1012LZ A'dam.
You can also check them out qikly :

All the best and there's some great events abt to take place soon in the City Center.
Hi Andrea!!!
Welcome to Holland. maybe you can try at The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel Hostel in Amsterdam....from 25 Euros per night.
Hi Andrea!
Like the others said, welcome to Holland! :-)

If you check the following link;

you will find all the cheapest hostels/hotels in Amsterdam and around!

Good places to go clubbing are "Escape" which is on rembrandsquare, or just go around all the little bars and pubs on rembrandsquare or leidseplein. Good fun!

If you like going to concerts you could also check out "de Melkweg"

It's in the middle of the city centre and always good fun! Usually you'll pay around 10-25 euro's for a concert. But prices may vary, depends on the night and the artist(s) performing.

I hope i helped you out!

Enjoy your stay!

- Jenn

are you just looking for a cheap hotel or do u want some quality included.

i know a hotel that cost only 21 euro per night, incl breakfast , the hans brinker hotel.

or a cheap hotel, more hotel like, is the cornerhouse hotel, 35 euro per room, 1 person only, or 70 euro per room for 2 persons.

if you want more info let me know,

kind regards,

I heard good things of the Budget Hostel as well, from some foreign friends! Enjoy your stay!
no but the best hostel in holland is in rotterdam....hostel room
is a good hostel in a quiet and safe neighbourhood. Check out the neighbourhood carefully before making a choice as a lot are on noisy streets.

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