Hi, I'm going to live as a foreign student in Trier. How much is the average food cost per month? I know my dorm and utilities costs...

...already, so I only need to know how much I need for food. To be specific, I'm willing to cook for dinner. And a tuna sandwich + a glass of milk should be enough for my breakfast. And I should be fine with a regular lunch in the student cafeteria. Could anyone share about their own average food cost please? Thank you! Kitty


Country: Germany


Dear Kitty,
it all depends on where you get your shopping done. If you have to live on a tight budget I would recommend you to go to the following supermarket chains where food is really affordable: Aldi,Lidl, Penny, Plus.

Lunch at the student cafeteria should not cost you more than EUR 3 per mail. I hope you will find that helpful.
Thank you very much!
as the other man said it depends, for example I was able to cut my food budget to 100€ per month but it was realy tight one and I hope that u will not need to do it. the following names are the cheaper in Germany as a whole (Lidl, Aldi, NP Penny) don't and do not buy food or other things from from Kaufhof trust me. For other stuff u need for studying or cleaning or for your pet animal if you have one try a store called "Mag Geis" try to cook every think at home and roll your sandwiches at home too because the student cafeteria will not be very promising (price and quality wise). You will notice that german students carry every thing around with them. The drinks, the sweets, the snacks........and....
At the end and after the BLA BLA BLA that you have heard from me and from others, with 100€ you will not die starving but you will not be happy, with 200€ you will be nicely rounded in few months, if you choose something in between you will live a cool life with reasonable budget.
Thanks so much! I planned to allocate 200 euro actually. It's good to know I'll have decent life. :)

Btw, guessing from your name. Are you muslim too? Is it hard to find halal meat? And I'm used to rice rather than bread. Is rice easy to find in supermarket?

Thank you, and happy shaum! :)
as has been mentioned by otheres within €200/Month- should be quite ok, try to get some weekend work in local Pizzeria/ or Pub Restaurant- which can help you reduce your costs as well earn some Pocket money. Hv a safe trip.
Thank you! What is the regular pay per hour to work in a restaurant?

as an expert in the field of cost cutting, I add the following to the excellent answers the other "localytes" already made:

the quality, quantity and pricing of student cafeterias or the "Mensa" (sometimes enormously large student canteens) varies. Ask your fellow student if a better alternative exists. Often the cafeterias close to the faculty of law, biology or medicine tend to be better than the regular Mensa, cafeteria, that is without being more expensive.
Thousands of students don't know what they are missing out on.

The best way to live decently is to shop in different types of stores.
Get basics like milk (even organic) at the discount shops (Lidl, Aldi, Netto etc.) This will save you depending on your taste 15-35% in comparison to the standard supermarkets. Some discounters will try to sell you larger quantities at seemingly reasonable rates, but often it is cheaper and ecologically friendly to go to another store and just buy the quantity you really need.

this can be a huge saver:
Go to the farmers markets (almost every city has one, usually wednesday and saturday) fruit and vegetables will be fresh and tasty and most of the time (much) cheaper.
Depending on the demographics some markets tend to be posh and will charge more for the same produce.

Supermarkets charge up to € 2.69/kg for apples:
Lately I bought a bag of apples directly from a farmer's store they charged € .69/kg. The apples where fresh and even tastier than the expensive ones.

You can save a lot if you find the right stores so If you need to spoil yourself you will have some money left to buy some swiss chocolate or whatever you're into.



in my opinion restaurant jobs are not paid well.
A lot of bosses try to rip you off, and just offer you a meagre € 5-7/hr
Ask around you will be able to find a decent employer who knows how hard it is to pay the bills.

enjoy your time in beautiful Trier
Fantastic! Thanks so much! ^_^
You will be able to buy all different kinds of rice in Germany. It's often much cheaper to go to an "Asia Shop", avoid buying rice at the normal supermarket.

Halal meat:

with about 3.3 million muslims in Germany it's possible to find Halal food

check if there is a muslim student club, they should be able to tell you where to go.

or call some of the distributors here, they might be so kind to tell you about stores nearby.

This is a link to a German Halal magazine:

kind regards
Thank you very much! This will help a lot. Wished they're available in English. Guess I have to study German language harder. >_<

Again, Thanks' so much!

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