Hello, We want make a trail to the blues mountains. Can you tell us how to organize it from Kingston (bus, guide etcc) Thank you

We come fron France my son and I, and would like to go to Gordon town and make a trail there (4-5 hours) Thank you for your trips


City: Kingston

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Country: Jamaica


Bonjour et bienvenue en Jamaïque.
J'habite et ai un Bed & Breakfast en haut du sentier qui mène à Gordon Town. Ma femme et serions heureux de vous acceuillir dans les montagnes et organiser toutes les ballades que vous désirez. Nous pouvons également vous prendre en charge à Kingston (où ailleurs). N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour toute info supplémentaire.
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A très bientôt j'espère.
You can charter a bus or taxi to Gordon Town and contract a tour guide to take u there. It would cost us about $US50 for both of you excluding the bus or taxi. However, if you rent a vehicle i could be your tour guide
here at faith reality tours we can arrange it all for you , please contact us directly at or visit our website
Bonjour. Getting to Gordon town, you would need to get a chartered vehicle (preferably) a 4 wheel drive to get beyond there as the roads aren't the best as those in Kingston. i strongly recommended renting said vehicle for proper transport and I would be you're tour guide. it is approximately 30-45 minutes to get to Gordon town from Kingston, from there you would proceed to Mavis Bank, which you could start a hiking trail. If not, you could continue to Whitfield Hall, which is a small cabin which travellers stay and I do as well. I am heading up there for my birthday at the end of this months, if you would like me to send you pictures of the surroundings feel free to email me . The cabin is fully equip with warm blankets pillows and several bunk beds. there is no hot water or electricity, however there is a great fire place and plenty of books for reading, a piano. the caretakers provide food which includes supper in the evening and breakfast at a cost of about $20us. bed per night is about $20. There is also a very big yard for camping if you so have the desire to camp outside in your own tent. From the cabin, most people start the hiking trail to Blue Mountain peak at 2am in order to see the sunrise at about 5:30am. It is all a wonderful experience and I would have no hesitation with being your tour guide. snacks and drinks recommended for the trip and stay over. hope to hear from you soon.
Welcome to Jamaica!!
I am a Blue Mountain Trail- guide who live and work in the mountains, having a wide knowledge of the accommodations available, the terrain, the flora and fauna in the area.
Each hike or trail use is customized based on the request or needs of the client; So based your I can arrange for you to be picked up in Gordon Town and Transported to within 6 miles of the Blue Mountain Peak. The duration for this hike is 6-7 hours where you can have the option of doing an overnight (sunrise) hike or a day hike. On completion of the hike you will be taken on a tour of a Coffee farm and hostel and then transported to Gordon Town or your hotel.

For further details or questions contact me at:
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Tele: (879 )894-7990
Hi I could arrange this trip and i could rent you a car or a bus to tour please contact me at for more info
Sunventure Tours, 30 Balmoral Ave., Kingston 10 (tel. 876/960-6685; ).

The staff offers lots of tour choices. The Blue Mountain Sunrise Tour involves a camp-style overnight in one of the most remote and inaccessible areas of Jamaica. For a fee of US$75 to US$120 (£38-£60) per person, participants are retrieved at their Kingston hotels, driven to an isolated ranger station accessible only via four-wheel-drive vehicle, and guided on a two-stage hike that begins at 2pm. A simple mountaineer's supper is served at 6pm around a campfire; late, at 3am, climbers hike by moonlight and flashlight to a mountaintop aerie selected for its view of the sunrise. You stay aloft until around noon, then head back down to Kingston. There's also a shorter 4-hour trek offered, costing US$25 to US$30 (£13-£15) per person.

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user 170372: You can get a tour bus to talke you to the blue mountains. but in my view its going to be more expensive if its just the two of.
Renting a car and have someone take you there and arrange the trail, where you can see the fauna. I know yopu want to see the sunrise in the moring and get some of our jamaican i recommend chatered private vehivle that is ready when you are ready.... by trhe way how old is your so? i have one too. hope to hear from you soon.
From Kingston, most buses to the Blue Mountains depart from Papine, although you could book through one of the many excursions. One of these is Blue Mountain Tours, where you can either do a supervised bicycle ride or hike.
They can be contacted at:

Blue Mountain Tours
Tel: 876-974-7075
Fax: 876-974-0635

if you really want to experience a trip to the blue mountains on your own you can take a bus from anywhere in kingston to take you to papine squire where you can take a bus to strawberry hill from there. there is a really nice cafe there and if you want i could arrange a tour of a coffee farm for you this way you can have fun and not worry about the cost
Certinally we will assist you when you arrive my number is 876 4313668 my e-mail address is

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