how expensive are things there


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


Hi Emmie

where abouts are you from and it really depends on what you are looking for and or seeking . . are you after generalised shopping ( clothes, food, souveniers etc ) or are you after buying a house / immigrating or wanting to come over and study aka cost of living etc - if you can give me a better idea in the direction of what you may mean I or one of my other fellow Localytes can also point you in the general direction - although I've been told Sydney is more expensive than Melbourne through Media but Media hype is just that I think one needs to exerience first hand to make that personal choice and decision

I f I can be of further help or assistnace please let me know

Kind regards

Hi Emmie

It all depends on where you go in Australia. What makes Sydney one of the most expensive cities in Australia are property prices, however for general items, because there is a large market, I believe it is relatively cheap. Having travelled extensively through Europe and North America I would say that we are not quite a cheap as North America but definely cheaper than Europe (almost by half). I refer to accomodation, food, transport, and entertainment.

To give you an idea:

lunch/dinner: $8-$12 or $20-$30
Accomodation: $60-$80 or $100-$150
train/bus ticket: $2-$3
Movie Ticket: $15
Live Comedy: $25

If you need to know any thing specifically just let me know.

While you will make some money from the exchange rate (although not that much from the US dollar anymore) you will find things to be more expensive. Eating out can be very expensive, there aren't many options that are actually dirt cheap. You might find $10 lunches but even fast food costs more. No dollar menu, you'll still spend at least $10. Alcohol is the biggest difference (I'm assuming compared to America) being twice as expensive in the bottle shop, drinking out is avg $7 for spirits/wine and $5-6 beer. Any activities cost a bit as well, theme parks are $70, most day tours are $400 to $2500 for multi day bus tours. Hotels are $150+ a night, backpacking can be from $20 to $40night. You can find student specials in the clubs and Tuesday night is national deal day when you eat out. Thursdays are late night shopping and often have ladies nights, student nights, etc. The off season will be less crowded and room rates and the like cheaper. The off season is May to Sept, you can come the end of april through may and still get nice weather and reasonably warm temperatures. Sept is likely warmer but also has more tumultuous weather.
Shopping is quite expensive. As most things are imported, prices for brand names are inflated. Australian's have a much higher minimum wage and therefore are paid higher wages, this contributes to the inflation in prices. So be sure to bring extra money but be glad when that number is inflated with the good exchange rate for USD, Euros, Pounds. SIngapore and new zealand dollars are about equal.
there are still ways you can get around to get things a little cheaper though iof yo know where to look which I don't expect that you would but I am sure that one of our other fellow localytes may be able to help you source a few things cheaper to make it easier so please feel free to ask
I live in Glebe, Sydney, which is very inexpensive to dine out and you can get shared accommodation very cheaply if you go to Gumtree. Also use it to buy secondhand furniture.

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