Where is the best place to have curry in London?


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Malabar, 27 Uxbridge St, Notting Hill, London W8
I will look into this one. Looks like I will have curry more than once when in London.
It really depends where you are willing to travel to. Brick Lane in East London has a lot of Indian restaurants, go to the ones with Indian people eating inside. While Southall and Wembley in West London also has good Indian restaurants.
Brick Lane is the most popular response so it must be good but once I decide where to stay I can choice the place closest to the accommodation from the places recommended.
99 Regent Street,

This place looks amazing!
for a real out of town experience you could try my favourite indian restaurant mogwai in sidcup just 15 mins out of london bridge/charing cross well worth the journey has the best indian food and prices for miles around and a personal service you won't forget very popular so best call to book a table happy eating....enjoy!!
There are about 10 million people in London and they usually go to the nearest Indian restaurant when they want a curry. There are probably a thousand Indian restaurants in London and you do not say which part of London you will visit. You can also get curries in Thai and Chinese restaurants although I would not recommend them unless you are Chinese or Thai.
Brilliant in Southall, a Brick Lane curry house or Peppers in Chiswick

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