I have 3 kids (5,9,12). looking for a hotel that is kid friendly, buffet and not to expensive and it is next to the beach and nice.


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


In Cancun i finding all your requirements, next to the beach, I do not know of a place for you. However, if you take the 15 minute ferry over to Islas Mujeres you might have a better chance. Tourisim is down and on this little island they rent out golf carts and you could find a hotel on the spot and have fun doing it. I wished I would have done that myself a couple years ago. And now world wide tourism is down. Mexico is famous for making deals on the spot. Have fun.
One option in Cancun is Park Royal: not too fancy... but all inclusive and right on the beach.
Enjoy your trip!
check on the best 2 options at pto morelos, now and dreams resorts, they offer you everything you may need for a family trip and the best beach areas


Here are a few kid friendly links you can try. Mine are all grown so I don't get much of a call for this kind of activity. Hope this helps


Jimmie T
Here in Puerto Aventuras you have several options. The Dreams resort is the 5 star resort so it would not be inexpensive. You also have not one, but 2 Catalonia Resort Hotels. If you inquire online with anticipation you may find a great air and hotel deal. Where many all-inclusive hotels make money is on the back end, telling you not to book trips unless the reps come into the hotel to sell you a tour (keep in mind they take a 50% commision). If all-inclusive is what you want, check them out. Then, book you trips directly with tour operators or rent a car and find places yourself. You also have the OMNI hotel on the Beach. I beleive their rates include breakfast buffet. Good luck and let me know the results!
I suggest you 2 options, all inlcusive, front beach, kid friendly with activities for children, Hotel Riu-Cancun website and Barcelo Hotels website ; visit the sites both are big chains and there are several options of hotels in cancun
Great Parnassus (in Cancun's hotel zone) and Sea Adventure Resort & Waterpark (in Puerto Juarez...north of downtown Cancun and about 20-30 minutes from Cancun's hotel zone) are both great for families and are not incredibly pricey. As another poster mentioned, Park Royal Cancun is another good option.

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