Hi, I'm planning on arriving in Malta in mid/late October, and will be looking for work and accomodation in the Gzira, Msida area as...

...recommended to me. I'm a residential/commercial painter and spray painter by trade, but will do almost anything to start with. I need cheap accomodation too till I get on my feet so to speak. Anybody wanting to show me round the place is more than welcome too, lol. Any help would be much appreciated, take care folks, Dai.


Country: Malta


Iwant you to know that I just arrived in Malta 1 month ago,then I have just a few informations.
It is not that difficult to find a flat to rent aroud 250 euros a month,and perhaps less,for sure Msida is central and not that much expensive,many students are living here.
About having your first touch with work solutions,you've to visit ETC website,you'll see some ads concerning jobs vacant at the moment.When you'll be in Malta,or just before,send me a message,if I'm free,I'll be happy to give you some new advices I 'd have learned at that moment.
Where are U comin' from?
Hi Marc and thanks for the help. Do you have an email add I could use for the future?
Sorry Marc, forgot to say I'm coming from Wales.
Msida and Gzira are the most affordable places you can find. To find a job you either go to the Employment and Training Corporation or otherwise log on the Times of Malta () and check the Vacancies under the classified section. What are you good at? And where do you come from? Nearer to the date please let me know again, and should i be free, it won't be a problem to meet you and show you around. I don't have any contacts about accommodation in Gzira / Msida area, but you will definately find experts on the area even on this site. Shall i manage to find some contacts i will let you know. or otherwise check this out also on the Times of Malta website.
Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes any contacts etc will be great news for me. My email is as I do not always get email that I have a reply on this site?? I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again, Dai.
Hi Dai. Hope you are fine! Are you still in Malta? Managed to find a work and accommodation?! Enjoy our lovely weather!
hey - msidais the place of the university - u can share a flat with forgein / gozians students if u want very low rent
Thank you very much for your help.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
the others already told u the important things.. showing around? for sure! let me know when u arrive ;) pepa
Hi Petra, and thanks for your reply. Yes it would be great if you'd like to show me around the island, I'll look forward to it. Do you have an email address I could use to keep in touch?
Finding work in the painting trade should be fairly easy. Lots of new developments going on right now. Gzira/Msida is the cheapest area for accomodation and any of the local estate agents will help you find a place. Jobs are advertised in the Sunday Times of Malta;
Good luck. It's not quite so hot when you arrive.
Thank you Phil for taking the time to reply. I'll take your advice and get on those sites. Cheers mate.
Wishing you luck and let us know how you get on! The ETC tip was a very good one, wish i had thought of that. Make sure you find out what the going rate for wages is too.
Hi Dai

I've seen most of the replies you received.
The fact that you hail from Wales is a big plus since it will help you find emplyment here or set up your own operation, easily.

Gzira and Msida are no longer the cheapest areas for accommodation since this area has now become popular with Maltese and foreign students.
You can however hire a small apartment for around EUR250-300 a month or you can share an apartment (with your own bedroom).
I have excellent contacts in the area especially for the latter option.

Plenty of work available in your field however there is a battle of prices going on since many Syrians etc come and do the work (illegally) for low prices. Getting started won't be easy but I can get you in touch with an importer of paint (one of the best quality on the island coming from italy) as well as with a friend who works in your field since he may be able to give you some work himself.
Apart from the ETC there are plenty of other sites where one can search emplyment. These include and . There may be others too.
I suggest you log onto which is a homepage with access to various Maltese sites.
Let me know if you require my assistance.
Hi Dominic, thanks for your reply. Yes please, get in touch with your friend who may be able to give me work. That would be amazing help, as the sooner I know I can earn some money, the sooner I can fly out there. I don't need a visa for work there do I? I hope to fly out at the end of September if I can find some sort of income to get me started. Even if he has only short term work for now, it will give me a good start. Would you mind letting me know your email address. Mine is I look forward to your reply, and thank you very much indeed. Good news at last coming on this site. All of you have been great help.
Hi again, sorry but forgot to include that I am also very interested in finding out more about the shared accomodation you mentioned. I think that would be a great move for me. Thanks again and I will look out for your reply. Dai.
Hi again, sorry but forgot to include that I am also very interested in finding out more about the shared accomodation you mentioned. I think that would be a great move for me. Thanks again and I will look out for your reply. Dai.
hi i wish you luck for the job you wish o have in sure youre going to love the country as maltese people are very hiring a space but unfortunately in mskala not in the areas your looking for!goodluck marisa
Hi Marisa, how far are you from where I'm planning on going? Ma;ta is small so it can't be that far really eh? lol. I'm used to travelling public services like a bus to work. Sometimes an hour each way when I lived in Canada. Anyway, please keep in touch as it's always nice to have friends in life. Maybe we could meet and have a beer when I get there? Take care, Dai.
Hello,sorry,I didn't saw you send me some response,
here is my mail
I visit ETC today,they are friendly and easy going for the new incomers..My phone 00 356 99 16 48 82...
PS:If you don't find immediatly a place to sleep,you could sleep on my sailing boat,in Msida marina...Cause I live in a flat in Gzira...
Try to find an internship at first, by going to ETC at Valletta, and then maybe someone will take you for work. good luck!

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