Where to stay with a family?

Hi, I am just wondering if you could give me ideas on where to stay with a family in Prague. I am from Brno but originally from Kenya and my husband is Czech,we have a 8month old baby and we're looking somewhere to spend 2/3nights mostly a good environment for a child. Just another question, I've really tried to venture into journalism and it's hard because i only speak English and my Czech is horrible can you give me an idea on how to venture into journalism in Czech Republic. Thank you in advance. Good day PS: My e-mail address in


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hi, my nameis Vaclav.
I. I recomend you to use server
You´ll find everithing in english.
II. Where to stay in prague depends on how much money you want to spend.
there is a nice hostel on Kačerov, Na úlehly street, Praha 4. Cost about 150czk for night, but I realy don´t know how good it is for children...
You can email me anytime you want to .

Have a good time :o)
Thank you Vaclav, i will try the website. I had a great time in Prague and i stayed at RESIDENCE 3Domy,very homely and my baby had a great time going around since she's crawling.
If i'll have questions i'll definitely contact you

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