Hi, I'm going to live in Trier from October this year. Can anyone tell me the best way to reach this town from Frankfurt a.m. airport...



Country: Germany


first of all you need to know how to get to the Hauptbahnhof from the airport. This will not be hard to do you only need to ask the Info Desck and the will print a paper which will explain the steps and the transportation means to get there. Then I would say it is better to take a regular train it is called "S Bahn Regional" it is cheap and not too slow. You may need to change some trains in order to reach your city but for your case I don't think so since the distance is not too far away. When you reach the Hauptbahnhof go to an office called "Reiseb├╝ro" or something with "Reise" there you will be able to book your ticket th your city, and don't forget, tell them you want "S Bahn Regional" it is cheaper.
Thank you for your reply. :) Do you think it will be a problem if I'm dragging around a 30Kg lugagge with me from Frankfurt all the way to Trier? Especially that I'll be traveling solo and I'm a female, I might pass out on the way. hehe.. Is there an alternative like a direct bus? Or will there be a place in the train for me to keep the lugagge and how is the train stations? Is elevator always available to get from one platform to another?
Hi Kitty, you can take a train right from Frankfurt Airport. There's a train station right at the airport. You can book your ticket going from Frankfurt/ Main airport directly to Trier in advance via Internet on this site:
You may need to change trains once or twice (depending on the connection you chose) between Frankfurt and Trier, but the site will tell you all the necessary details. The site is even available in English so you shouldn't have any problems. If you do need help please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck and a safe journey. Elisabeth
In addition, you should check out train times and prices here:

cheers, Philo

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