HEllo, My daughter will spend 5 months in Bordeaux from 2nd September. She needs cheap accommodations rent-able flat. Can anyone help?


City: Bordeaux

Region: Aquitaine

Country: France



I suppose your daughter could take a look in this site.

If you scroll down on that page, you will get to the part of "Foyers". These are small rooms, but VERY affordable. You have to call and see if they have available rooms.

I am a student in Strasbourg, and I come from Central America. It was through this site that I was able to rent my current apartment.
I just checked myself, and I saw there are no longer available "foyers".

You can always look for small apartments in the "residences universitaires".
Hello, you can email here:
It's the service of the city council which deals with accomodation matter (but also about others civil rights and social matters)
Just explain what you're looking for, and they will put you through the appropriate organisations in the city.You'll have several possibilities as the "Cija" (youth center) etc...
Good luck

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