How much for a tour of negril on March 20th? For two people?


City: Negril

Parish: Westmoreland

Country: Jamaica


Please e-mail me at email for booking and furthure information
it depends from where u're leaving from...
contact me at email
Hi first and foremost thank you for asking this question i owned a car and a hi ace bus that could transport you any everywhere in Negril for 250usd if you used the bus or 200usd for using the car.
Depends on where you are staying in Jamaica. the further you are from Negril, the more the cost goes up. Send me details at email or call me at 876-579-5007 to access a good deal. Happy New Year!!
If it's only in negril it would only be 10us person, den it depend on where I would pick up the persons from!!
Hello, if you are in negril- $60 includes transportation and guided tour. Outside of negril we can negotiate email

If you want to know the exact amount that you are going to spend ,you will have to let me know where in Negril you would like to go and where would you like to be picked up from.It is not a expensive tour in Negril it is affordable just give the important details and it will definately fit in you budget when you hear the price.
you can contact me on 1876-825-9105
it depends on where you are staying, but if you are in the montego bay area a guided tour to and from will cost you $ 160 person and we take you to some of the best hide away. to make arrangements email email
$8,000 JMD
it all depends on where you want to go if you would like to go different places i would suggest you hire a car to take you to these places there isn't one rate as there are several places of interest
the cost for a tour of negril for two person will be US$ 150
Where will u be staying?
A tour around negril if your in montego bay would be about $150us for both person and if u want to stay and watch the sunset it would be about $180. contact me at email
it depends on where u r staying in jamaica but for me if u r staying in montego bay it would cost u about $200 pp to take u around
ok first you need to say where you are staying its about $160 per person so it depends send me details email email
As stated in other responses it will depend on where you will be staying on the island. if you wish you may contact me at email if you need further assitance.
o.k i live near there it depends where in negril u want to go , i can egt the best deal for u , u can contact me at email/ 1876 898 8862
Thank you for your inquiry, I am an official JUTA Tour operator licence by the Jamaica Tourist Board which guarantee your safety and a fair price. Let me know where you will be staying and i can quote you the best price for an unforgettable tour

email: enchanted_tours website

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