where is a cheap hotel located that is near the city center


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


it will be Hotel 81 near Chinatown
Try this website. The plaza is right smack in the middle of the shopping belt. Can't get any cheaper. website
As you did not specify standard of hotel and budget, here is a good reference for you to check out: website. It provides price indication, photo & location of hotel, and reviews. Singapore is a small city, any place near MRT station is convenience.
If you stay in Bugis Backpackers Hostel, it can cost as little as SGD 40 per night, depending on the travelling season. You can find them at website. If you are looking for a cheap hotel, try Hotel 81 at Chinatown. Look them up at website. hope this helps =)
You may want to check out this place which is near to the city center.
It cost you about S$30/night and it's very convenient.
Hope this help.
Singapore is a very small city state;max.radius span is less than 45km any way all round the center.
Tha MassRapidTransit trains [MRT] serves all heartland into downtown.
If you are here on business,the city center will be the financial district @ Shenton Way/Robinson Road/Raffles Quay; of which cheap & clean hotels are in downtown itself.Good eg.'s are: M-Hotel,Hotel 81-Chinatown & many more.
If your're here on a budget tour,the cheap hotels are more readily available in less than 10km from downtown.
They're also the 81 group & Fragrance group;thats' sprinkled all over Singapore.
You may want to browse this website: website to preview your intended itinerary & select the hotal of your choice budget & location.
Have a great time in Singapore ! Cheers to everlasting HAPPiNESS :-}

Another choice:- website
Good Luck !!! Enjoy !
Thanks James, I was going to post the same link!
oh! it depends.near orchard rd,there is hotel Supreme and hotel Grand Central.this is in the heart of city and major shopping ctr.Also a door away from food paradise.Priced reasonably and very convenient.

China Town is also ok as its close to many pubs and nite life entertaiment.

If you're looking for full hotel services, you may try middle class hotels like hotel 81. If you like to try budget lodge,you may look for rucksuck inn
In the city centre, you can try
The Beach Hotel: website
Summer View Hotel
Hotel 81 at Middle Road, opposite the National Library
Visit the Prince of Wales at Boat Quay, go to website

You will get the best view in town overlooking the reknown Singapore River. Get yourself soak into the historical walk along the river and learn about how this humble island become so successful in the last century.
it depends on your budget. if you are backpacing there is qiute a number of hostel that you can check out. if you are with your family then i guess it woud be reasonable that you take a hotel that is within your budget.check out this website it is very useful and it is full of they give you the best prices that s available.i browse the site and found it very useful. hopefully this will help.

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