Hi, Which is the best way to find a room to rent? I am looking for something close to Hyde Park from 25th september to 20 december...

...2009. Budget with full fees included around 350 pouds by month.


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


NO WAY! u gotta be kidding mate,AT LEAST 400 pounds x month and not closer to london than in zone 4!! 350 pounds x month you can find a hostel to share...and in DECEMBER??? gotta be ur first time in london mate... hehehehe
£350.00 is cheap you want it cheaper consider further away fro Hyde Pk and maybe a box room.
Hello. First of all, I would like to thank you for your message. Well, I am not sure about Hyde Park, however, if you are interested I would like to offer a nice double room in Redbridge (Ilford) which is a nice and quiet area to live in. If this interests you please contact me. Thanx
Try the adds on news agent shop windows. This is your cheapest way. For that price and location may find a box room if lucky.

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