What Asian country's nice to go for a tour package? is Macau okay? or Malaysiai want to know what country & at an affordable rate... thanks


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I think becoz of its cultures, languages, foods and its always sunny all year round. macau its nice place and very interesting, good and lively night life. but you can also have that in malaysia, they call it the city that never sleeps. happy planning!!!
If you want to experience various culture in one country then you should visit Malaysia.(Mainly Malay,Chinese & Indian .But we got also Dayak,Murut and other races sharing the same land)

It is very affordable and cheap here in Malaysia if compared with Macau .The people are friendly and easygoing.

I will recommend you to go to SABAH (Borneo) which is part of Malaysia. You can fly using our low cost airline
hello claudine :-)

if youre interested in learning about new culture and a different "atmosphere" altogether, there are many Asian countries offering them. Macau however is expensive, it being a gambling centre (Hong Kong is expensive too, though) so between Macau and Malaysia, Malaysia is cheaper and you can still go to the Genting Highland casino and a few others in the heart of KL itself. you just have to know where to find it ;-)
Other AFFORDABLE asian countries (the South East Asian region) would be Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos..Cambodia..may be Brunei.. However, Vietnam and Singapore are the two countries that could be a little expensive than the rest.
if deciding your vacation depends on which is more affordable, then pick one of those south east asian countries i suggested.

have fun claudine!
Macau = Casino + Nightlife. Malaysia = Macau + Beaches, Culture and everything else.
The best places to go if you're in Malaysia is in Pangkor Island in region Manjung ,Perak.The place that you have to go in first place is Lumut is a well developed jumping - off point for Pangkor ,with tourist information,money-changers ,Parking lot, and food.It's busiest during the Sea Festival in August, a popular local attraction.I considered that Pangkor could be crowded at the Malaysia school break season and National holiday (public holiday) Because Lumut sits on the Dinding River(Wall River) ,it has no beach ,but it does have some good accommodation,and is a qu
Hello Claudine,

It really depends on whether you are into sight seeing, or merely to relax.
In Malaysia, you will be able to experience various cultures from the aborigins to Chinese, Indian, and Malay. Various food choices, to cultural activities and places to visit, and not to mention the fact that Malaysia is filled with a whole list of History from World War 1 & 2 and thus, there are many historical sights for you to visit too if you into sight-seeing.

If you are planning to relax, There are many beaches with clear blue water that i would recommend, for example Pulau Kapas, Sibu Island, Perhentian Island amongst the few with lesser people visiting, and so you are still able to have the peace and quietness you wish for.

Hope this helps Ü

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