Which among the two in Cape Town is more popular to tourists - Table Mountain or the Waterfront?


City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa


Well by far the waterfront is the no 1 Attraction in South Africa ,the problem with Table mountain its weather dependent and there are people that are scared of heights , never heard of any one being scared of Shopping
Cape Town is a great place
I think the V&A waterfront is more popular although I prefer Table Mountain
The V&A Waterfront is the more popular of the two, however, personal preference and to most South Africans there are few tourist attractions that can beat Table Mountain !! Please refer to the following web sites:

This is a matter of preference, however, more people visit the V&A Waterfront than Table Mountain. Table Mountain is not always accessible due to the weather, whereas you can shop even in a howling south-easter. ;-)
It's all about preference. Table Mountain is not man-made. Waterfront is for shopping. You decide. As far as the statistics go, more people visit the Waterfront than Table Mountain. The view from the top is spectacular...something money can't buy!
The Waterfront is easily accessed and is not affected by weather conditions. If you enjoy busy, buzzing noisy places, you'll certainly enjoy the V&A (Waterfront).
If you prefer nature (I can see you're an animal lover), you'd rather join me on a walk up the mountain - from/via Platteklip Gorge, Kirstenbosch, Constantia Nek or Camps Bay.
Both Dave and Bryan are correct in saying that Table Mountain is more dramatic and outstanding. But both places serve totally different needs for a tourist. I would advise that you definitely visit both. For incredible views, outstanding flora and breathtaking scenery it has to be Table Mountain. If you want a good steak or to buy a coffee table book, then it the Waterfront is the place. Kevin. Afruka Eco Tours
Personally, I would say Table Mountain is more popular to tourists, but that may just be because I specialise in nature and wildlife tours.

I hope you visit both, instead of just choosing one.

Kind regards,
Angela of Panthera Tours
It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for shopping and entertainment, then the Waterfront is the place to go. If you are more of an outdoor person and you want to experience the breathtaking views from the top of table mountain, then that would be the preference. Best times for visiting the mountain are Jan to March when the winds are lower and the rainfall is minimal. If you would like to know the weather for any date in Cape Town, up to 5 days ahead of the current day, let me know and I will give you a very accurate forecast. Cheers
Both are extremely popular. You should ask yourself what your interests are. If it is shopping then the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is the place to be but if it is scenery, Fauna and Flora you should definitely consider Table Mountain. Remember that Table Mountain together with Cape Point forms part of the newly Table Mountain Reserve.
20 Reasons to visit Cape Point: 1. The most southwesterly point of Africa.
2. Breathe the freshest air in the world – straight from the Antarctic.
3. It’s where the cold Beguela current on the West coast and the warm Agulhus current on the East coast merge.
4. Situated in the 22 100 hectare Table Mountain National Park, a natural World Heritage Site.
5. One of the highest sea cliffs in the world – 249 m above sea level.
6. The circumnavigation of the Cape of Good Hope led to the establishment of a sea route to the East and subsequent trade.
7. 26 recorded shipwrecks.
8. Bird watcher's paradise – at least 250 species.
9. Approximately 1 100 indigenous plant species, some of which occur no where else on earth.
10. Variety of buck, baboons and other animals.
11. Swimming at Bordjiesrif and Buffel Bay tidal pools.
12. Numerous scenic walks and trails.
13. Excellent angling and diving spots.
14. Whale and dolphin watching from May to November.
15. Historical monuments including the Diaz and Da Gama crosses.
16. The funicular – scenic trips to the old lighthouse.
17. Up market and family accommodation
18. The Two Oceans Restaurant offers world class cuisine and spectacular vistas over False Bay.
19. Three destination retail shops , each with an impressive range of high quality South African curios and Cape Point merchandise.
20. A million points of view.
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The Waterfront is buzzing with activity everyday. It's very popular and has lots to offer. I prefer Table Mountain hands down. As Johan said the weather plays a big role. If the weather is good don't miss out on Table Mountain, you can always go back down later and visit the Waterfront.

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