Hi everyone! I'm planning a visit to Icelan on November. probably 5 days. I'm interesting on receiving advice on what to see and do on...

...these days. I travel with a low budget, so i will stay in hostels. Thanks for your help. If you want you can add me on msn. My email is Regards.


Country: Iceland


Hello Nuno,

Swim in one of the public pools in Reykjavik, check out the northern lights, visit the Blue lagoon, go on a bus to to see the highlights in the South West of Iceland.

Go on the Reykjavik bike tour for a great introduction to the'll learn a lot about its past and present and places only locals know - - there is no up front charge for this tour but the guides depend on tips.
bring shorts and go swimming!
bring warm clothes, wind and water proof if you need to visit!
The place I like the most in Iceland is Jökulsárlón, it is not that expensive and it is so beautiful that there just is no way to describe it. I would just go for a walk in some of the towns in Iceland like, Borgarnes, Grindavík, Akranes (they are all under 1 hr away from Reykjavík) And of course Akureyri which is the capital city of northern Iceland, there you can find beautiful nature, and there is alot to do around there. Of course there are the Northern lights, which you can of course see for free.
Icelandic nature is splendid, if you take a bus or something and travel around the country, the nature around Iceland is nice, but not as much as it is in the rest of the country. And of course, nature is for free ;)

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