I am searching the surname Pepelea who supposedly came to the USA from Boholt, Romania around 1910. Any help would be appreciated.


Country: Romania


What does 1910 exactely mean?
You can try to contact Mr. PEPELEA ACHIM from Beclean, Brasov county
Born in: 19.05.1952
place of birth: BOHOLT Com BECLEAN
who is a member of the Local Council in Beclean.
You cand try to find his contact at Beclean Town Hall:
+40268.518.668 or

Also use to search.
I think you already received some answers which might help you; you can also try to check if there are still relatives of this person in Boholt.

There are two locations with this name in Romania: one in the district of Brasov () and the other one in the district of Hunedoara ();

But there are small villages, so the best way should be to write to the Townhall of Brasov and Hunedoara. They have there all the evidence and should be able to help you.
Well this is quite a difficult question, as surname Pepelea is quite strange.
It would be important to first determine which Boholt was, the one in Brasov or in Hunedoara county. Both locations are in Transylvania where many people left in the first decades of the XX century. I did a phonebook search and i found near Brasov besides Pepelea Achim mentioned above, a person called PEPELEA GHEORGHE, Boholt, Nr. 99, cod 507011, Brasov, Romania; Phone +40-268-249875. In Boholt-Hunedoara was none. So i would bet on Brasov county also because in Wikipedia uder ”Beclean” (the larger village in the area) is mentioned ”a massive wave of emmigrants towards the New World at the beginning of the XX century”.

In any case, try contacting the townhall, if you are lucky to find an enthusiast English speaker, i am sure the person will do his/her best to help you. The contacts:
Primaria comunei Beclean, str. Principală, nr. 196, Brasov 507010, Romania
Tel/fax: +40-0268-518668

A useful book (in Romanian) could be ”Emigrări româneşti din Transilvania în secolele XIII-XX. (Cercetări de demografie istorică)”. Editura ştiinţifică. Bucureşti, 1971 - Romanian emigration from Transilvania between XIII-XX centuries - research in historical demography, Bucharest 1971 written by Stefan Metes.

Good luck with this interesting research!
Pepelea is a surname often used in the Romanian western territory, called Transilvania. In Romanian language its would mean "someone who mocks other people, a slick, a wise guy", and since humor and "manking fun of troubles" are traditional features of the people living in that region, the name is quite common and old.
I do not know anything about this person.
Try also to contact Pepelea Vasile Titu from Boholt.
Good luck!

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