What is the address of aslam market in pettah sri lanka?


City: Columbo

Province: Western

Country: Sri Lanka


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Well there is no address for Aslam market since its a market. What you have to do on your arrival to Colombo is ask any Taxi or rickshow to take you there and they will. Its located in Colombo 01, Near the main railway station.

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Pettha market is a big area and within that there are smaller Coimplex and markets, it is not possible to tell you a address , unless u personality go there, if you happened to go to pettha market ask anybody there , tell them what Aslam market is specialized for ( if you know it) any way there will be many who will direct you to it, don’t worry you will find it for sure in Colombo as Sri Lankas are very helpful
Take a bus to Fort, Colombo 01 and it's right there.
even if you have the address still you need someones help to find the place in pettah,
someone who work for a long time only can guide you there, so first go to pettah and ask someone in pettah, there are lot of people there to help you and its crowded with people always, and it is the most congested place in sri lanka. but definitely a different experience.
Very good questions! Please let me know when you have found out any adrss!
take a bus or taxi from airport ask them to take you pettah then you can see many police people around these people will help you to find this place
I cant remember the address, But I know the Place, It is located near to the 2nd junction of KeyZer street at Pettah. KeyZer street started from Malwaththa Road of Pettah (Pettah Police Station also situated at KeyZer street.
ASLAM Market is on 3rd cross street the easiest way to get to is go to main street keep walking towards sea street and its on your Right
Thank you for your interest searching market places in Colombo. Every Sri Lankan markets are rapidly increasing and available many goods at reasonable prices.,
Aslam Market also in the heart of market place in Colombo. As it is a market place there is no direct address. When you reach to Fort Railway station you can reach trhere on the thrid street. From the railway station you are able to have the direct direction to the market. It's only ten minutes walking distance.
You are welcome.
its based 2nd cross stree,
HI, used the Main Street Commercial bank side walk little turn the 3rd Cross Street walk ahead turn to Kezer Street walk little on ur left side aslam market is there & it's a special for ladies wear imported from india ( Salwar, Choly, Saree, & frocks)
It's a whole sale market but retail also there.

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