Besides Punta Laguna trails, is there any hiking trails nearby? We like off-the-beaten-path nature activities (fauna).


City: Tulum

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


Hi ! Hiking is not a big thing here but that doesnt mean you cannot do it. The park of the mayan Coba ruins is beautifull to walk trough and the beach is great too !
I hope this answers your question.
Gotta Agree with El Capitan. Not a huge area for hiking dues to the many mangroves. Punta Laguna is an increadable area specifically for the spider and howler monkies. Although, the Sian Kahn Biosfere is a nature hikers paradise. Wild life abundant. I suggest a guide since crocadiles and alligatorss are around. Usually involves hiking and boating through marshes. A great walk I love to do is the following: go to XCacel Beach. Hike along the coast due north (this is left facing the ocean). You will come across 2 small bays. The second of the two is known as Chemuyil, the most beautiful beach in the world. Not much fauna avalable as man has driven it deeper into the jungle with our meer presence. But, you will see plenty of exotic birds. Good luck!
These are great suggestions from El Capitan and Captain Quickie. Coba and nearby Punta Laguna (where you can kayak as well) offer great jungle walks with lots of wildlife; and Xcacelito is one of my favorite beaches with a little (and off the beaten path) cenote. The only thing I would add is that the lagoons of Sian Ka'an can be accessed via Pino Suarez and Muyil, and the paths around these provide a peaceful walk. Muyil also offers a rarely-visited archeological site, and is a good jungle setting to explore. There's a path there that takes you by the ruins and down to the lagoon.

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