A good leather store in buenos aires


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


There are several very good leather stores in Buenos Aires. Most of them are on Florida Street. But all through the city you can find fine leather jackets and other garments.
You are going to find very good stores to buy leather items in Murillo St. I've been there once or twice and they have good prices as well.
Here's a map that shows you how to get there. You are going to find several stores selling leather jackets, purses, shoes, pants, etc.

These stores also offer tourist Tax Free prices.
Rossi Caruso, Willy Keny, Mayorano, Casa López
Hi Miguel!
A very well known store is Casa Lopez
and also you should go to Murillo street, full of leather stores at both sides of the street and some more shops around
for shoes, this is the classic store
I hope this info helps and contact me if you need anything else! Paula.
Go to Murillo St. Good prices, great quality!
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You have may leather stores with very good prices in Florida St(Downtown)
If you have the time and chance, you can go to Murillo St. as well. There is this store there in 666,Murillo St. where you can find EVERYTHING in a very good price. Hope this helps.
Un lugar en Bs As, para comprar ropa de cuero es Murillo 666, en realidad en toda esa zona vas a encontrar tiendas que venden cosas de cuero.

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